March 11, 2013

Data Visualization: A New Approach

By Ella Wilson

These days it seems everyone is looking for cold hard facts about anything and everything. That’s all fine and dandy until you actually dig into the numbers. Why? Because their presentation is clunky, boring, and outdated! The average person sees life in color and the best way to present data to the masses is to excite their eyes with powerful data and beauty. The data visualization examples below are so intuitive and attractive that even an accountant could appreciate them – (p.s. We love you accountants; we’re just not as skilled at the numbers as you are!)

Mind Maps

Mind Maps represent data graphically in a format that is most similar to the way our neurons actually store data. With Mind Maps you can see the connection between two pieces of data – did I mention that this is how the brain actually works?

Data Visualization

Displaying News

Newsmap is an app that represents articles by size based on their popularity. Digg’s BigSpy operates the same way.


Displaying Data

Time magazine represents population density with colored spikes.

Time pop. map

CrazyEgg shows visitor behavior with heat mapping. The more times people click a certain area the hotter that area becomes.

heat mapping

Displaying connections

Munterbund used the results of their own graphical visualization research to represent their findings. They  are currently working on a way to automate this process.


Shape Of Song attempts to answer the question “What does music look like?” Their software draws patterns into opaque arches.

Shape of song

Displaying Websites

Firefox has a built in inspector for viewing webpage elements in 3D. This is useful for seeing the way the website has actually been built.

espn 3d


For a more comprehensive overview of these features, have a look at Smashing Magazine’s Data Visualization: Modern Approaches article.

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