October 2, 2013

How to Increase Your Website Ranking

By Ella Wilson

website rankingWebsite ranking is always an important measure to keep track of. Your rank in major search engines can be the difference between success and failure in this modern world of internet marketing. Don’t believe me? Take a minute to think of how often you flip past the first few pages after a search in Google. For many of you, the answer will be never. You have just discovered for yourself how important website ranking is. So on to the next question, how can you increase your website ranking?

Website ranking is dependent on a number of factors that are entirely within your control. It may surprise many of you to find that for something so important, it is relatively easy to manipulate your rank. Major search engines like Google or Bing rank non-advertising websites based on relevance to a subject. For some of you out there already experienced in the internet marketing industry, you may recognize this as organic SEO. The way to increase your website ranking is to manipulate the factors these search engines consider, therefore coming off as more relevant than your competitors. Now just which factors are we referring to?

The more important factors taken into consideration in the ranking of your website are keywords and backlinks. Keywords are simply the words people often plug into a search engine. Incorporating these keywords into your writing will help you be recognized as relevant to the topic at hand. For instance, let’s say your keyword is SEO. The more you plug the word SEO into your writing, the higher your website ranking will be when Internet users search for it. Many of you probably knew what a keyword was, but it is very likely you’ve never even heard the term backlink. Backlinks are a system in which people who enjoy your posts will link back to your website in their writing. By doing so, they provide a direct link between their viewers and your website. Search engines notice this and consider backlinks in your website ranking.

Keywords and backlinks are important tools to manipulate when considering website ranking. However, search engines have learned to recognize keyword and backlink “spammers” and such web sites are often ranked lower as a result. It can be difficult to find a perfect balance between a good amount of these tools and an excess amount of them. Many people new to the Internet marketing scene have difficulty finding this balance, and the risks can be fairly high. In response, we here at GetUWired offer a service to safely improve your website ranking with absolutely no risk to you! If you would like to find out more about this service, call us today at 877-236-9094.