What is email marketing?

By Internet Marketing

Email marketing is reaching out to customers and potential clients via email. Email marketing generally includes things like newsletters, coupons, news, discounts or just touching base with your clients to see if they could use your services.

Email Marketing WORKS

There’s a rumor going around that email marketing is going out of fashion in favor of social media and mobile marketing.

And like most rumors, this one is total junk too.

Email marketing works! If you don’t believe me, just ask the president.

President Obama received a good chunk of the $690 million he raised online from fundraising emails during his re-election campaign. (Source: BusinessWeek.com)

You may not have the ultimate goal of raising enough money to run for president, but chances are you are trying to SELL SOMETHING to make money. Email marketing is an easy, market-proven way to make the sales you want.

Why email marketing is better

– Email marketing has an ROI of about 4,300%, according to the Direct Marketing Association.

– Email marketing ROI can be tracked. GetUWired uses Infusionsoft for its email marketing campaigns, and we can track how many clicks your emails receive, how many videos were watched, and countless other reader actions so you know your emails are doing their job.

– Email marketing is more specialized than general advertising. You raise your chances of making a sale by marketing specifically to people who have already shown an interest in your business.

– Email marketing builds customer loyalty in ways that other advertising cannot. You contact your customers directly with emails (hence the term “direct marketing”). When that communication goes well (your customers get value from your emails) and continues (through use of email campaigns), you build a relationship with your customers.

How to do it right

  1. Use conversational voice. People want to have conversations with people, not robots. Robots send out spam. PEOPLE send out valuable information readers want to know.
  2. Give your readers something valuable. If you want your emails to get opened (and you do, that’s the whole point), give readers something they WANT, such as …
    • Information specific to them — For example, people on a pet store’s mailing list are more likely to open emails with titles like “How to Protect Your Pets From Common Holiday Dangers” than “More Fun with Tax Code.”
    • Stuff — Discounts, coupons and free services are irresistible to everyone. In addition to getting your emails read, discounts and coupons are a great way to drive business through your door and get customers on the “client path” to larger sales.
  3. Write the perfect subject line. Your subject line is the first thing reader sees, so it has to be powerful, concise and grab the reader’s attention. To see how that’s done, let’s go back to the Obama campaign….

– “I will be outspent,” “Some scary numbers” and “If you believe in what we’re doing” collectively raised nearly $5.5 million. Why? Because they arouse readers’ emotions. Everything we do in life is based on how we FEEL about something. Play on your readers’ emotions and you’re more likely to get clicks.

– “Last Call: Join Michelle and me” and “Do this for Michelle” follow the direct marketing rule to ask readers to do something. Give your readers clear instructions with phrases like “do this” and “click here.” People don’t like to be left in the dark. Tell them what you want them to do, and they’ll be more likely to do it.

– Use words that establish urgency. Terms like “Act Now” and “Limited Time Offer” play on readers’ desire to not miss out. Establishing urgency pushes people toward action now, without giving them time to forget about your email and go on about their day.

Use verbs to increase the believability and power of your subject lines. This one almost goes without explanation. Which one of these is better? “Office Lamps Study” or “Study Finds Office Lamps Cause Migraines.” Verbs naturally pique readers’ interest in ways other words cannot.

GetUWired has years of experience designing and implementing email campaigns for businesses small and large. We are experts at email marketing, and we’d be happy to help you build an email campaign to reach your customers today. For more information, call 877-236-9094 or email us at info@getuwired.us.