Infusionsoft infuses marketing automation and CRM

By Internet Marketing

marketing automation and CRM

If you are a business owner who is interested in taking your business to the next level, marketing automation and CRM are two words you need to know. Marketing automation using a CRM can help you reach greater sales goals more quickly, with less work and fewer errors.

What is a CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are used to manage contacts, clients, appointments, tasks and more all in one convenient location. Rather than shuffling through paperwork and complex filing systems, or manually trying to work through disparate computer systems — one for contacts, one for communications, one for scheduling, etc. — a CRM acts as a one-stop-shop that ties all of your sales, communications and scheduling tasks together.

Infusionsoft merges marketing automation and CRM

Infusionsoft combines contact management, CRM, marketing automation and e-commerce into one single online system. Providing business owners a way to accomplish all these processes within one system has made Infusionsoft one of the most popular programs in the industry today.

How Infusionsoft email marketing works

Infusionsoft’s marketing automation feature improves and automates the marketing processes you currently do manually, such as sending out emails to your clients. This process is done in four steps.

  1. Your contacts are loaded into the Infusionsoft database.
  2. Each contact is connected to email marketing campaigns that are relevant to them.
  3. Your contacts receive valuable, informational emails at a pre-determined intervals of time. By sending your contacts information they can actually use, you build the trust they will eventually need to make a purchase, all while keeping your brand in front of them.
  4. Each contact’s activity within the campaigns is tracked. This way, you can see which links they clicked, which videos they watched, and when/if/where they dropped out of the campaigns. This information shows you which leads are “hot” and need to be contacted directly. It also is an invaluable tool for creating new marketing strategies for the future.

How do I get started with marketing automation and CRM?

GetUWired specializes in marketing automation using the powerful CRM Infusionsoft. The team of experts at GetUWired is well-versed at helping businesses streamline their marketing processes and contact management using Infusionsoft. Let GetUWired and Infusionsoft take the pressure of marketing off your shoulders so you can get back to building your business today! Call 877-236-9094 or visit to get started.