March 12, 2014

Beginners’ Guide to Infusionsoft: Lead Scoring

By Ella Wilson

Infusionsoft lead scoring

Lead scoring is one of Infusionsoft’s most useful features. Infusionsoft lead scoring allows you to track your leads’ activities and assign values to each activity. By tallying up the values, Infusionsoft can quickly and easily tell you which of your leads are hot now, leading to more business and greater profits for you!

Where to set up Infusionsoft lead scoring

To set up your lead scoring criteria, go to the CRM menu – Settings – Scores. In this menu, you can create an infinite number of criteria to use for scoring.

Lead-scoring criteria

Scoring can be tag based or activity based. Tag-based scoring is basically limitless. You can create tags for any criteria, activity and information that you deem significant.

Activity-based scoring is limited to four categories: email unsubscribe, web form submission, email open, and link click.

Expiration dates are an important part of the lead-scoring process. Adding an expiration date (you don’t have to), allows you to more accurately determine if a lead is hot.

For example, if you set up a lead-scoring system so that opening five emails means a lead is hot, it would be important that they open those five emails in, say, five weeks rather than five years. Opening one email per year doesn’t indicate a high level of interest, obviously!

With each lead-scoring criteria, you can assign positive or negative points. Something you believe really indicates a high level of interest would get a high number of points. Something that’s less indicative would get fewer points. And something negative, such as marking an email as spam, would get negative points.

You will set the parameters as to what total point value will equal five flames, which will indicate that your lead is hot. Infusionsoft automatically tallies each lead’s points and assigns the appropriate number of flames.

How to know if you’re lead scoring the right way

Lead scoring can be both a fun experiment and a frustrating pain. It’s a “guess and check” process.

When you first start lead scoring, expect it to take some time before you get your system just right. Things you may think will indicate a high level of interest may not. Some things you consider unimportant may actually mean quite a lot to your clients. It’s good to gather data for about a month after you start your lead-scoring process and analyze that data to see what’s working and what’s not.

How to use lead scoring to make more sales

To see which of your leads are hot, go into the CRM menu – Contacts Search. There, you can search by number of flames.

If you want to see which leads are dead and remove them from your system, search for contacts with zero leads. If you want to see which leads are hot, search for contacts with five flames. You can also set up campaigns to send you or anyone else an email notifying you when a lead reaches five flames.

Once you find out which leads are hot, you can personally reach out to them or find a new way to market to them. Finding qualified leads who are ready to invest has never been easier!

Learn even more about lead scoring with GetUWired

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