March 10, 2014

Beginners’ Guide to Infusionsoft: Tagging

By Ella Wilson


Tagging is one of the most important aspects of Infusionsoft because it allows you to sniper-focus your marketing efforts.

Tagging is the process of connecting “tags” to your clients based on whatever criteria you deem appropriate. These tags are used to identify the contact and segment your lists into smaller, more distinct categories.

Why to use tags in Infusionsoft

Tagging allows you to separate your list into specific categories so you can market to your contacts more efficiently and effectively.

For example, if you sell shoes, you can tag your contacts based on what sorts of shoes each customer buys. You might start with tags such as men’s shoes, women’s shoes, and children’s shoes.

Then, you can further specify into categories such as boots, athletic shoes, dress shoes, etc.

THEN, you can get even more specific and break those down into cowboy boots, hiking boots, basketball shoes, tennis shoes, stilettos, and more.

By segmenting your lists, you can precisely market to your customers in ways that most appeal to them. When you want to send out an email detailing all the amazing new features of a cutting-edge hiking boot you’ve just got in stock, you connect every contact with the “hiking boots” tag to that email. Rather than blasting out emails to all your customers (some of which aren’t interested in hiking boots), you send valuable information only to customers who will appreciate it.

Where to tag in Infusionsoft

You can create tags in Infusionsoft in multiple places, but these spots are the most popular:

  1. Contact Record: Within a contact’s individual record, you can apply existing tags or create new tags right on the spot.
  2. CRM: In the “Settings” menu, you can create new tags but cannot apply them from this location.
  3. Campaign Builder: This feature allows you to apply existing tags or create new ones within a campaign.

Tags are used for lead scoring – so you can see which leads are HOT!

One of the most essential reasons to tag is for lead scoring. Infusionsoft’s lead scoring tool allows you to set parameters to determine which leads are hot. Here’s how lead scoring works:

–        You create tags for particular activities that a contact can accomplish, such as opening a file or clicking a link to a video. Each time a contact does that activity, they receive a tag.

–        Infusionsoft tracks the tags and the “point value” you have assigned each tag for lead scoring.

–        As a contact’s points add up, Infusionsoft will keep track to let you know when that lead is hot.

Fun facts about tagging

–        Most Infusionsoft users use about 150 tags. Of these, typically only about 50-70 are main tags and the rest are highly specific tags.

–        Tags are not retroactive. If you create a new tag, such as “tag when contact opens a PDF,” everyone who has opened that PDF in the past will not automatically get that tag. To add that tag to those contacts, you must go in manually and add it.

–        Every time you import a contact list into your Infusionsoft database, everyone on that import list gets a tag saying that they are part of that import.

Want to learn even more about tagging in Infusionsoft?

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