April 18, 2014

What is email automation?

By Internet Marketing

email automation

Successful businesses know that eliminating follow-up failure is the key to healthy growth. But how can a small business afford to hire the staff they need to follow up with every single customer or lead they come in contact with? Here’s the secret – with email automation, not a single additional staff member is necessary.

Why do I need email automation?

Email automation takes the communications you already send to your clients and leads and sends them for you. But email automation can be so much more than just a simple auto-responder.

For example, email automation from Infusionsoft, which is the platform GetUWired uses exclusively for its email automation, does much more than just send out emails.

Infusionsoft’s email automation system is actually intelligent – meaning it makes decisions and changes its behavior based on your leads’ actions. And THAT is what truly sets Infusionsoft apart. Infusionsoft is like the best personal assistant you’ve ever had – the one that does everything the way you’d like it done if you were doing it yourself.

How does email automation work?

When you get started with email automation with Infusionsoft, the first step is uploading all your current contacts into the Infusionsoft database. As new contacts and leads come in, those will be loaded into the system, too.

After your contacts are in the system, each contact will be connected with the email marketing campaigns that are most relevant to them. An email marketing campaign is a set of emails that are designed to specifically appeal to your clients.

Your contacts will receive these emails at predetermined lengths of time. Not your typical pushy sales letters, GetUWired crafts emails that are educational and engaging to nurture your clients comfortably, so you build long-term trust and brand recognition with each email sent. This way, when your lead is ready to make a purchase, your company will be the first name they think of and the only one they trust.

A “Contact Us” Or “Schedule an Appointment” type link will be embedded in each email, making it unbelievably easy for your customers to get in contact with you when they’re ready.

Why email automation is better than hiring additional employees

  1. Purchasing an email automation system like Infusionsoft is significantly cheaper than hiring a new employee.
  2. Using an automated system eliminates human error. Once the system is set up, it operates as it is programmed, every time, all the time.
  3. An automated system never takes a sick day, has a bad day, or goes on vacation. An email automation system works for you 24/7/365, making you money even in the middle of the night!

How to get started with email automation

GetUWired makes it super easy to get started with email automation. If you’d like to see how email automation can help your business flourish, give us a call at 877-236-9094 or visit www.GetUWired.us.