The importance of press releases for small businesses

press releases

Press releases are an easy and affordable way to spread your small business’ message in print and online. But oftentimes, press releases are overlooked in favor of more expensive forms of advertising. But it’s time to give press releases their due, because they’re still cheap, and they still work!

What is a press release?

A press release is typically a one-page (or less) document that is sent to media outlets for publication. In your local newspaper, you’ve seen press releases as those tiny little stories sprinkled around the paper like filler (that’s exactly what newspapers use them for). Those tiny stories started as press releases and then were edited into their current format.

You can also see press releases online. There are several different online press release platforms. When you search for terms on Google, you’ll see press releases come up in the results.

Why you need to start putting out press releases today!

1. Press releases help your search engine rankings

The more times your website is associated with certain keywords on the web, the higher your ranking in the search engines. But only use reputable press release platforms like, which GetUWired uses. Lower-end press release sites are flagged as Web spam by Google.

 2.  Press releases drum up business

Press releases come up in Google search results when you search for a term, so if customers are searching for a product or service you offer, your press release is likely to end up right in front of them. GetUWired does tens of thousands of dollars a month in business generated by the press releases we send out.

3. Press releases actually become news

When you submit a press release on an online site, it gets distributed to news organizations in areas of your choosing, even around the globe. A release that’s informative and engaging can go viral, so one submission from you can end up on thousands of different sites. It may even be picked up by newspapers in your area for some free print advertising to boot!

4. Press releases are affordable

Compared to other forms of advertising, particularly print advertising, press releases are surprisingly affordable. You can write the release yourself for free and then pay to have it distributed, or you can hire a company that will write and post it for you.

GetUWired offers professional press release services

GetUWired’s seasoned copywriter can quickly write and distribute press releases for your business. For more information, call GetUWired today at 877-236-9094 or visit

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