Infusionsoft CRM Overview

By Ella Wilson

Infusionsoft CRMInfusionsoft is a program that many of you may be familiar with. Infusionsoft is an incredibly useful resource that we here at GetUWired use to organize many of our daily tasks such as automation and CRM.

Within the Infusionsoft CRM, there are a number of features that we routinely make use of. Most prominent of these are the connected tools of billing and client management. Both of these are very important tasks to automate in any small company looking to grow, as automating these tasks will free up a lot of your time for services that require more direct, personal attention.

How You Can Benefit from Infusionsoft CRM Billing Services:

The Infusionsoft CRM includes many measurable advantages in its billing services over its manual counterpart. The billing itself is completely automated and can be set in recurring cycles for subscription payments. Also, Infusionsoft features a unique kind of order form system in which a customer can actually fill out a form, either hosted on an Infusionsoft URL or your website, and issue a payment that is automatically entered into the Infusionsoft system. With a payment system able to be manipulated by both ends of an employee-client relationship, Infusionsoft sets up a more direct, personal link in billing services than its competition.

How Infusionsoft CRM Organizes Your Clients:

The client management portion of the Infusionsoft CRM is also incredibly important for any company looking to streamline its client relationships. With the tagging feature, which Infusionsoft CRM allows for clients with similar needs to be grouped together, companies can send specialized offers and emails out to many more clients simultaneously! However, Infusionsoft works not only to organize your clients after you have already gotten their attention, but it also helps to reel more of them in! The sales automation feature of the Infusionsoft CRM works as both a planner and an organizer. You can get constant updates on where your prospects are in your sales funnel, as well as being able to set up custom stages and sales triggers! Using these features, your business can greatly optimize the sales process and ultimately garner you the greatest possible amount of sales!

Infusionsoft CRM – Increase Profits and Retain Customers!

The Infusionsoft CRM, as well as other features of this robust program, can be a little tricky to navigate for a novice. Fortunately, you don’t have to blindly quest through its inner workings alone! We here at GetUWired offer a service to help train you to use Infusionsoft’s services most effectively. What’s more, we do so at only half the price of other leading companies offering the exact same service! If you are interested, contact us now by calling 877-236-9094 or emailing us at

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