Kill your business headaches with Infusionsoft integration

By Ella Wilson

infusionsoft integration

I was talking to a client this morning who was having trouble juggling a bunch of disparate communications systems and project management applications. Important data was getting lost in the shuffle, and things weren’t getting done. This man was frustrated, and I couldn’t blame him. I knew an Infusionsoft integration would get him where he wanted to be.

Make your systems talk to each other with an Infusionsoft integration

For this man, a website designer, his problem was that he’s been using Infusionsoft and really likes it, but he was also using a host of other programs as well. And none of those systems were working together.

My solution to this problem is an Infusionsoft integration that connects his systems. For example, to get the data he needs from his clients in order to build their websites, he has to remember what info he has for each client and reach out to them manually. Obviously, that system is riddled with human error. As a busy business owner, he just does not have time to deal with all those details in a growing client base.

Standardization takes the sting out of managing your processes 

I suggested connecting his project management software to Infusionsoft. By mapping out a task list and discovering exactly what needs to be done and when, we can standardize the document collection process. The system I suggested would work like this:

  1. In Infusionsoft, we will create a task list of documents that every client needs to provide for their project to get started.
  2. Right in the beginning, the client gets an email stating the complete list of documents they need to provide.
  3. As the client sends in the documents, they will receive additional emails listing the documents they are missing. This happens because Infusionsoft is integrated with the project management software. Both systems know what they have and what they need at all times. As the client sends the documents in, both the project management software and Infusionsoft are updated simultaneously, so there is no confusion. The client receives emails until all the necessary documents are sent in.
  4. In the long run, this saves the business owner an incredible amount of headache, time, and wasted money that used to be spent wasting hours trying to track down documents.

We can integrate Infusionsoft with any program that has an open API

Simply connecting this business owner’s Infusionsoft and project management software will greatly help his workflow and profit margin, but there is so much more we can do. We can integrate Infusionsoft with just about any application on the market, as long as it has an open API. An open API is an “application program interface” that allows other programs to integrate with the application.

Some examples of programs we can integrate with Infusionsoft are membership sites, scheduling applications, webinar platforms, social media, and so much more.

Find out what your business could accomplish with an Infusionsoft integration

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