4 Ways Marketing and Automation Boost Startup Success

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marketing and automation boost startup success

Eight out of 10 new businesses fail within their first 18 months. Don’t let yours be next! With great marketing and automation, you can inoculate your business against some of the ills that bring small businesses crashing down before they’ve even gotten started.

Marketing automation fuels growth

Smart, scalable growth is integral to a new business’ success. That means bringing in new customers and bringing old customers back again and again. Marketing automation is the perfect vehicle to make this happen, especially for busy small business owners. Marketing automation systems like Infusionsoft use email marketing campaigns to nurture leads into customers and customers into long-term relationships.

Marketing automation is also a perfect solution for small business owners who have NO extra time on their hands, because it markets to customers automatically, without any work from the owner after the initial setup.

Great marketing finds the silver lining in any product

So you sell tacos. And so does every other restaurant on your block. Without insightful marketing, your tacos are lost in a delicious sea of tortilla-wrapped goodness.

But with the right combination of expert copywriting and razor-sharp marketing strategy, suddenly your tacos aren’t just “tacos,” they’re locally sourced, or hand-made using a generations-old recipe, or packed with protein neighboring CrossFit gym members need to build muscle.

Great marketing is about matching the best selling points of your product to the needs and desires of your target audience.

Marketing automation keeps you in touch with your customers

Marketing automation helps you keep your brand in front of your customers. By repetitively showing customers your message and brand over and over, it keeps your business in the front of their minds. So when they are ready to make a purchase, yours will be the first name they think of.

Also, marketing automation helps your customers keep in touch with you. Infusionsoft can automate the survey, referral, and feedback processes, as well as keep track of your customer’s behavior within your email marketing campaigns. This means you’ll always have a finger on the pulse of your customers’ behavior, so you can adjust your marketing or your business strategy accordingly.

Great marketing strategy can help you find your niche  

Marketing companies like GetUWired are experts at analyzing your market and figuring out where your company best fits. You love your company. You put your heart and soul into building it. But, especially if you’re new to running a business, it takes an objective outsider opinion to see the big picture. Our expert business strategists have years of experience finding just the right niche for businesses to thrive in.

Vaccinate your business against startup failure today!

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