17 Marketing automation statistics that will convince you to get on the bandwagon

By Internet Marketing

marketing automation statistics

Marketing automation statistics prove it – you CAN believe the hype! Marketing automation is leading the charge in small business marketing … because it works. The “bang for your buck” you get from marketing automation means it’s a favorite of small business owners. Why hire a whole marketing department when you can just use a system like Infusionsoft to get better results at even lower costs?

I found this great article at www.callboxinc.com and I wanted to share it with all of you. This article includes 17 great marketing automation statistics that will finally convince you to take the leap and get a marketing automation system for yourself!

Lead Generation Stats That Prove Marketing Automation Works

Investing in marketing automation can be a hard thing to decide on for a marketer, especially now that a lot of people are seriously doubting its value.

Marketing automation has always been about enabling marketers to set off messages based on visitors’ actions on a site, sending messages when they are most relevant rather than spammy. On paper, it looks like a huge deal of help for email marketers to boost lead generation efforts, and people are starting to buy into it. But despite its slow but rapid growth, marketing automation still leaves a lot of reservations and uncertainties to those who are still on the fence.

To help you lean towards a stand, here’s a collection of lead generation statistics that testify to the utility of marketing automation:

  • 28% of marketers saw an increase in revenue per sale attributable to marketing automation – Chief Marketer
  • 75% of companies using marketing automation see ROI within 12 months, 44% within 6 months – Focus Research
  • Companies using marketing automation source 45% more pipeline than those who don’t use marketing automation – Marketo
  • Sales agents spend 22% more time selling when marketing automation is deployed – Marketo
  • Marketing automation drives a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead – Nucleus Research
  • 70% of companies declare that marketing automation met or exceeded ROI expectations – Focus
  • Mature marketers achieve 32% greater revenue through the use of marketing automation than non-mature marketers – Marketo
  • Full deployment of marketing automation reduces close rates from 1:221 to 1:20 – Marketo
  • Companies using marketing automation for nurturing experience a 451% increase in qualified leads – The Annuitas Group
  • 350% return on investment and 100% annual revenue growth while saving $400K and generating $2MM in incremental gross revenue – Acteva
  • Marketing automation provides 225% increase in prospect volume that convert to sales opportunities – ShipServ
  • Using marketing automation causes 3x more leads passed to sales after one month – Marketo
  • Marketing automation reduces ignored leads from 80% to 25% – Bulldog Solutions
  • Companies that automate lead management see over 10% increase in revenue in 6-9 months – Gartner Research
  • 47% of marketing automation-nurtured leads make larger purchases than non-nurtured leads – The Annuitas Group
  • Companies achieve a 15% savings on creative productions with marketing automation – Gartner Research
  • Marketing automation-generated personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14% and conversion rates over 10% – The Aberdeen Group

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