October 13, 2014

3 Simple CTA hacks that improve website conversions

By Ella Wilson

improve website conversions

If you’ve tried everything to improve website conversions but still aren’t seeing results, it may not be so much of a “you’re doing it wrong” problem as a “you’re not doing it quite right” issue.

CTAs are tricky little buggars. Too aggressive, and they turn people off. Too timid, and they aren’t even noticed. A great CTA taps into the customer’s psyche and leaves them with no choice but to click. With a few simple tweaks, you can change your under-performing CTAs into conversion factories.

3 Simple CTA hacks that WILL improve conversions on your website

1. Put a CTA on your “About” page

If someone’s reading your “About” page, you can be sure, they’re interested. Why not one-two punch them with warm and fuzzy information about your company (your bio) and ask them to opt-in while they’re reading about how awesome you are? Your “About” page CTA should be targeted at consumers who aren’t trigger-happy and take their time to make a purchase. Make sure the CTA sounds friendly, not pushy, and is benefit-oriented.

2. Add numbers of subscribers to your CTAs

Humans are social animals, and yes, if all your friends jumped off a bridge, you probably would too. By adding a number (either in static form or, better yet, as a counter) to your CTA, you’ll inspire trust and create intrigue around your offer. The 2,563 people who have already signed up for your email list, newsletter, or free e-book are like invisible cheerleaders encouraging new leads to hop on board.

3. Tailor your CTAs to the exact content your visitors are reading

Who says you have to have one CTA for your whole site? If your site has multiple pages with different topics on each page, creating offers that relate directly to a page’s unique content is a great way to increase conversions. This type of sniper-focusing is what today’s tech-savvy consumers expect. Snatch the low-hanging fruit of their interest in your specialized content with an appropriately related CTA.

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