How to find an affordable small business SEO firm that won’t screw you over

By Ella Wilson

affordable small business SEO

Let’s face it, the Internet is full of slimeballs. The internet makes it easy for anyone and everyone to build a website and open for business (yay, democracy!) even if their only goal is to cheat small business owners like you out of their money (boo, little oversight!)

If you’ve been screwed over by someone claiming to do affordable small business SEO who took your money and ran, read on. Here are some simple ways to find a dependable search engine optimization firm and weed out the ones that don’t deserve your hard-earned money.

You give affordable small business SEO a bad name

Hiding behind the screen of Internet anonymity, plenty of idiots with little or no SEO experience open “Affordable Small Business SEO” companies knowing full well how they’ll sell their wares: fear. Search engine optimization is complicated, constantly changing, and unless you follow the game on a daily basis, you’ll NEVER be able to keep up with what works and what doesn’t.

Yes, every business needs SEO. And yes, it is incredibly complicated and time-consuming. But any business that has to sell its services by fear instead of benefit isn’t worth your time. A good company will help you understand their work and provide complete transparency about what your dollars are buying.

You get what you pay for

If someone is offering to get your site to the top of Google for $200, they’re lying.

1.)    Nobody can promise to get you to the top of Google. SEO experts can certainly get you going in that direction, but moving your site in the search engine to any particular spot is no mathematical equation. SEO efforts depend on customer clicks, Google algorithms and updates, backlinks, a plethora of other factors. Be wary of anyone in any business that makes you promises that sound too good to be true.

2.)    If your end goal is to get to the top of Google, $200 is not going to cut it. Making big SEO moves takes long-term work and constant adjustments/updates to your site. And all that work takes money.

Reputation means everything

It goes without saying that you should always choose an SEO company with a good reputation, but how do you find one?

If you work with other companies (and I’m sure you do), ask them who they use for SEO. Your web developer or Google AdWords firm should be able to point you in the right direction for an affordable SEO company. Small business Internet marketing firms know our own, and we’re familiar with other people in the industry (we’ve probably worked together at some point).

Online reviews are a good place to start, but never put all your eggs in the online reviews basket. Shady companies can easily post glowing reviews about themselves under false names.

Getting recommendations for an SEO company is especially important because, like many aspects of Internet marketing, there are a million untrained “gurus” working out of their mothers’ basements and making big promises. Because SEO itself is an art, not a science, it seems to bring out the “artist” in all kinds of untalented, untrained hacks. Make sure you go with someone who has experience, customers, and results.

If you can, go with a brick-and-mortar store

The thing about brick-and-mortar stores is that it takes a lot of capital to open one, so you’re more likely to deal with a professional when they’ve put their life savings on the line to open their business.

Brick-and-mortar Internet marketing firms don’t necessarily work just with local clients, so you can look for an SEO firm well outside your ZIP code. You don’t have to physically bring your website into the office, so Internet companies can work with clients from anywhere. GetUWired works with clients all over the globe, literally in every time zone.

What a brick and mortar store means to you is that whoever you’re working with, in theory, will have more on the line when it comes to their work. Someone with a brick and mortar store probably has more motivation to do great work than someone who’s doing SEO from Starbucks after their waitressing shift is over.

GetUWired provides affordable small business SEO services to companies all over the globe

When you need to get your site the attention it deserves online, give GetUWired a call. Our SEO experts have the experience and the know-how to have your site wowing the search engines in no time. Call us today at 877-236-9094 or visit us online at

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