4 affordable small business marketing tools your business can’t do without

By Internet Marketing

affordable small business marketing tools
Your business can’t afford to go without these 4 affordable small business marketing tools.

Many small business owners struggle to get the expert marketing they need for a price they can afford. Where big companies can throw money around on the latest fad or ads that are only meant to win awards, small businesses need to use their budgets on affordable small business marketing tools that actually get results.

Affordable small business marketing tools that are worth spending money on

1. A Killer Website

Nowadays, if your small business doesn’t have a website, you are falling drastically behind your competition. Your customers expect you to have a website, and if you don’t, it makes your business look less trustworthy and less professional than your competitors who do.

Your website shows a lot about your business. A well-designed website that gives a lot of good information, is easy to navigate, and answers your customers’ most likely questions shows that you care about your customers and are anticipating their needs. Remember, your website is often a potential customers’ first interaction with your business. Make your first impression count with a well-designed and fully functioning website.

Nowadays, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a website. There are options for website design in all price ranges, and, depending on the industry you’re in, a mid-priced website will probably fit your business’ needs.

 2. Email marketing

 Affordable small business marketing tools like Infusionsoft provide incredible ROI for an amazingly low price. With email marketing from Infusionsoft, you can use your advertising funds in the most efficient way possible – targeting your current customers and qualified potential clients.

With email marketing, you keep your brand and your message in front of your current customers and qualified leads time and time again, increasing brand loyalty and name recognition. Since your current customers are more likely than any other demographic to use your services again, nurturing email marketing is a great way to build the long-term relationships that businesses thrive on.

 3. SEO

Once your website is up and running, you NEED effective SEO to get the exposure you need. SEO, or search engine optimization, helps your website come up when someone searches for a service/product that you offer.

SEO is, in a nutshell, a way of writing and tagging your online content so that Google can see what your business sells. It’s an ever-changing art, so it’s generally not something you can do yourself. Good SEO will bring you new customers you never knew existed.

Beware, though, of SEO firms offering big results for rock-bottom prices. Some of them use “black hat,” or unscrupulous, tactics to get your site quick results. And if Google finds out you used black hat techniques, they can delist your site altogether.

 4. AdWords/CPC

Internet advertising is taking over the industry, and AdWords/CPC is leading the way. AdWords is, by far, the cheapest advertising on the market for most businesses. The ROI is outstanding because the ads only pop up when someone is searching for a product/service you offer, so you’re not wasting money advertising your business to people who don’t need it.

Depending on how you set up your account, you pay per impression (when your ad pops up on the screen) or you pay per click. Either way, you just can’t beat the price per sale on CPC advertising.

GetUWired specializes in affordable small business marketing tools

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