Easy marketing for landscape businesses

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Landscaping business owners have enough to do without worrying about their marketing. That’s why GetUSales has partnered with Tony Bass to create a plug-and-play landscaping marketing package that takes care of everything with very minimal work from the business owner. This easy marketing for landscape businesses package includes a host of easy-to-use features that put the power of effective marketing in the hands of the business owner.

Marketing for Landscape Businesses – Using resources wisely

Small businesses are forced by necessity to be very careful with their advertising budgets. That’s why they need marketing solutions that provide actual results and tangible ROI. The Tony Bass Landscaping Success Automation Package is based in Infusionsoft, a powerful marketing automation platform that also includes CRM and e-commerce capabilities.

One of Infusionsoft’s greatest features is its ability to show analytics. Business owners can log into the system and quickly see how many emails have been opened, how many videos have been watched, how many forms have been filled out, etc. These numbers let the business owner know whether or not their marketing efforts are actually working and gives hard data on how many sales/appointments have been made as a result.

Targeting the perfect customer

With the Tony Bass package of marketing for landscape businesses, it’s possible to send individualized marketing messages to each segment of a business’ customer base. Sending each contact individualized communications increases the chances of catching that customers’ attention. Infusionsoft makes it easy to send highly targeted messages to any number of customer groups that will appeal specifically to them.

Eliminating follow-up failure is the key to long-term success

Imagine what you could do if you closed every lead you came into contact with? While closing every lead is a lofty goal, eliminating follow-up failure will certainly help you close a tremendously larger percentage of the people your business comes into contact with.

Following up with every potential customer manually is a lot of work, and it takes an incredible amount of organizational skills and memory. For most small business owners, that’s too much to ask on a daily basis. With the Tony Bass landscaping marketing package, adding a new contact to the system takes only a few clicks, and then that lead can be set up to receive marketing emails indefinitely if that’s what you desire.

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