February 17, 2015

How to write email subject lines that actually convert!

By Ella Wilson

how to write email subject lines
You must know how to write email subject lines that convert if you expect see ROI from your email marketing.

If your email subject lines suck, your emails aren’t going to get read. Period.

Subject lines are to emails what headlines are to news stories – they’re meant to catch the reader’s attention and convince them to read the rest of the story (or email). If you want your emails to be opened, a grabbing, can’t-stop-myself-from-opening-this-email subject line is imperative. Here’s how you write them.

6 Tips on how to write email subject lines that actually convert

Shorter is better

Think about what you’re doing when you check your email. You’re scanning through the list to see if anything catches your eye. It takes too long to read extra-long subject lines, and your brain is more likely to skip it altogether than to stop and read the whole thing.

For example, President Obama’s biggest fundraising email subject line was “I will be outspent.” It raised $2,673,278.

Get personal

Using your customer’s first name in the subject line increases their chances of opening it. Why? Next time you’re at a delightfully tacky seaside souvenir shop, check out how many people are buying knickknacks with their names on them. People just like seeing their own names. They know it was autopopulated and not specially typed out just for them, but they’re more likely to bite anyway if the subject line was their name in it.

Add a deadline

There’s nothing I love more than an email subject line with a deadline in it. “Buy tickets now” tells me I’ve got another three weeks to buy tickets to the Rick Astley concert. “Buy tickets before (insert date)” tells me I’ve got a real-life deadline to hop on if I want good seats, so I better hustle and get those tickets. I never want to give up those Rick Astley tickets.

Give ‘em something they want

Give them discounts. Give them useful information. Give them a cool video. Then put that in the subject line!

The great thing about offering something your customers actually want is that it takes the whole sneakiness factor out of the process, so you don’t have to feel so grimy about tricking them. And your customers will appreciate your straightforward approach.

Don’t be vague

Some marketers push a “creating a mystery” tactic with subject lines, but I disagree. People are too busy for “mystery,” and their inboxes are overfilled already. If what you’re offering in your email is valuable, putting it in the subject line will only help. If what’s in your email is not valuable, don’t send it. One or two boring emails and your customers will never open another one again.

Avoid spam flags

Using words like “buy now” and “free” can get your messages flagged as spam, and that would waste all your time and effort (not to mention give your customers a bad impression of your business).

Here’s a sample of some terms that can get your emails delivered right to the spam folder:

  •  As seen on
  • Buy direct
  • Meet singles
  • Additional income
  • Earn per week
  • While you sleep
  • Home employment
  • Work at home
  • Earn extra cash
  • $$$
  • Why pay more?
  • Pennies a day
  • Miracle

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