Romancing Your Leads: Internet marketing strategies perfect for Valentine’s Day

By Ella Wilson

internet marketing strategies for Valentine's Day
Use the right internet marketing strategies to land a date AND close more sales this Valentine’s Day.

Marketing is so much like dating. Think about it – on a date with a “qualified prospect,” you’re trying to make a great impression and use the right marketing strategies to get them to “convert.” (Whatever you consider “converting” is your business. We won’t tell.)

At different stages of the game in both marketing and dating, there are different strategies you need to employ to increase your chances of eventually making it to the finish line – with a long-term relationship, referrals and more.

First Impressions

That first impression cannot be underestimated. When a lead first comes to your website (just as when a date first meets you), they need to get the impression that you’re awesome. So make sure your website content, blogs and social media posts:

  • Don’t talk bad about previous relationships (use reputation management to get rid of bad reviews)
  • Don’t slobber all over them (12 different exit pops just convey desperation)
  • Don’t try to get them in the sack (If you try to make the big sale without establishing trust first, you’re going home alone).

Instead, right off the bat you need to work on being straightforward with your leads. Tell them a little about yourself, but keep it in the vein of what you can do for them. If you’re 6’4”, don’t tell her you’re a great basketball player – tell her you can change all her lightbulbs!

The Low-Trust Engagement

On a first date, if you’re not Richard Branson, you’re probably not going to get away with asking a first date to accompany you to Fiji.

Coffee. Dinner. A county fair (my personal favorite) is a much better idea because these are all low-trust engagements. I can stand spending a couple hours with almost anyone, so sure, let’s go.

In the marketing realm, you’re more likely to get engagement out of your customers (the kind that doesn’t include a trip to the jewelry store) with a low-trust offer. Don’t ask for those digits right away (credit card numbers, I mean). Offer a free e-book, a 7-day trial, something with no strings attached so your customers will say “What the hell, why not?”

As they progress through your low-trust engagement, they’ll be getting to know you and establishing the trust they need to take it to the next level.

Conversions – Oh yeah!

You’ve gone out a couple times. You get along great. The relationship is progressing to the next level. And now, it’s time to close the deal.

This is where you’ve got to give them an offer they can’t refuse (but in a totally consensual way, of course).

To craft an offer your customers can’t refuse, here are a few tips

  • Focus on benefits
  • Shorter is better when it comes to copy
  • Use testimonials (do NOT do this in the dating realm!)
  • Offer a risk-free guarantee
  • Compare your offer to your competitors’ – and make sure yours in better
  • Make it easy to buy (“Oh look, we just happen to be in front of my apartment…”) – The fewer steps it takes, the less likely they are to abandon the sale
  • Throw in freebies – everyone likes to get more than they expected

Deliver and Satisfy

Not it’s time to show your new client that you’re a business that delivers – exactly what they asked for is good, but more than what they expect is better. Whatever you’re selling, make sure it’s delivered on time, as promised, and lives up to the hype you’ve created up until this point.

The last thing you want is to leave a client feeling unsatisfied. Disappointed clients don’t come back for more.

It’s LOVE!

Now that your client is giddy with excitement about how wonderful you are, it’s time to turn that love into a long-term relationship. Don’t let her slip away now!

Keep following up with your lead to build the relationship and make sure they come back again and again. Email marketing is a great way to send “love letters” to your clients and remind them how valuable you are – and how much you care. Mess up and forget to follow-up, and you might lose your lead to that jerk in apartment 4A that keeps chatting her up at the mailbox.

Once you’ve met their friends and family, you’re in

Love is contagious. When a client falls in love with you, make sure they tell their friends! Referrals are every business’ No. 1 source of new qualified leads. Ask them in person, or better yet, get referrals from an email marketing campaign that automatically adds new contacts into your database and starts marketing to them. The love (and the profits) just grow exponentially from there.

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