The Cardinal Sins of Landscaping Marketing

By Ella Wilson

Cardinal Sins of Landscaping Marketing
Make sure your business isn’t committing these cardinal sins of landscaping marketing.

There are lots of ways to fail at landscaping marketing. And if you fail at marketing, your business might not be far behind.

Check your marketing efforts against the following list and make sure you’re not committing any of the cardinal sins of landscaping marketing.

5 Cardinal Sins of Landscaping Marketing

Sin #1 – Taking winters off

Your business may be slow in winter, but your marketing most definitely should not be – because when your company is “out of sight, out of mind” in winter, that’s the most possible time for you to lose customers to your competitors.

In business, absence does not make the heart grow fonder. You need to keep in touch with current and prospective clients year-round to avoid client migrations during the slow seasons. Whether through email marketing, direct mail, or some other form of client nurturing, make sure you’re touching base with your customers all year long.

Sin # 2 – Not tracking your results

When you invest in a piece of equipment, you probably read reviews, test out the equipment, and if it doesn’t perform, you take it back (or never buy that brand again). The same quality control should apply to your landscaping marketing.

If you’re investing in marketing methods like newspaper or magazine ads, include a coupon code or dedicated phone number so you know exactly how many calls come in from those ads.

For email marketing, your marketing automation platform should have a lead-tracking feature that lets you know exactly how many actions were taken within the emails (whether or not they were opened, if a video was watched, if a call to action button was clicked, etc.).

If you’re getting a lot of action from your marketing materials, good job! If not, it’s time to rethink your landscaping marketing strategy and find a better avenue to engage your customers.

Sin #3 – Not asking for referrals

Referrals are every business’ No. 1 source of qualified leads. If you’re not asking every customer to refer their friends, you’re losing a valuable source of revenue.

Think about it. Who do you trust most – random ads or your closest friends? Being referred to a business by someone you know carries tremendously more weight than any other form of advertising.

You can certainly ask for referrals on the spot, but sometimes, saying “Don’t forget to tell your friends about me!” just isn’t enough. Email marketing is great for this process, because you can get referrals and add them into your marketing automation database all in one step.

Sin #4 – Not worrying about your image

How are you going to seduce high-paying customers from wealthy neighborhoods if your truck is beat-up and your techs are wearing dirty, mismatched outfits? Answer: You’re not.

Your work is certainly the most important aspect of your landscaping marketing strategy, but you’re going to have a hard time getting that work if your look is “unprofessional.” Landscaping in particular is a business steeped in trust issues. After all, you are spending time at people’s homes, lots of times when they’re not there. Looking trustworthy is one step toward overcoming customer hesitancy.

Sin #5 – Not having a website

As mentioned above, trust is a big issue with landscaping marketing. One great way to bolster your professional image is to have a website. Not only can you showcase beautiful pictures of your work, but a website also allows your marketing to run 24/7, even in the middle of the night. After hours, a website will sell your business for you so you can pursue the ever-elusive work-life balance business owners work so hard to achieve.

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