James-of-all-Trades Wall is GetUWired’s August Employee of the Month: From marketing automation to engineering to project management, James does it all!

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This month, everyone’s favorite Jack-of-all-Trades, James Wall, has been singled out for his stellar performance as a, well, everything in this office. From marketing automation to engineering to project management, James is a terrific triple threat that never fails us no matter what we throw at him.

james wall marketing automation
Project manager James Wall is GetUWired’s August Employee of the Month. He is also, apparently, immune to splinters.

First Stop: Marketing Automation

James started at GetUWired in marketing automation, helping our clients get the most out of their Infusionsoft apps. He trained and tested and worked with clients like a pro much sooner than we ever expected (marketing automation is HARD. There is so much to know). A people-person to the core, James’ easy manner put Infusionsoft users right at ease, making him a perfect Infusionsoft trainer.

Nearly 3 Decades of Coding Experience

But, since James has nearly three decades of coding experience and a computer science degree from UNG, it seemed silly not to shift him to the engineering department when a position opened up. Again, he wowed us as always, bringing his always-helpful attitude and quick wit to the developers’ desk.

James Wall Marketing Automation
James telling the others they “shall not pass!”

The Perfect Project Manager

When our project management team needed a dose of new blood, we had one thought – James. After all, he knows everything about Infusionsoft, he’s a master coder, and his personality is flawless for dealing with our clients. And, we like him. Perfecto!

He’s rocked every project we’ve given him with his quintessential enthusiasm and willingness to go above and beyond. Since his first day, James has displayed a cheerful readiness that has never once wavered, even under the most frustrating circumstances.

James Epitomizes Our Core Values

The GetUWired team lives and breathes our core values, and this month, James absolutely epitomizes what it means to “live the vision.”

“We’ve moved him into different positions, and in every one he has absolutely lived up to our core values and defined and conquered every challenge,” said GetUWired CEO Melissa Allen.

James and the Almost-Broken Nose

And just because James hates having his picture published, here’s a photo of him after our rafting trip in June. He got smacked in the face with a paddle when his boat capsized, leaving him with a busted nose and a good-sized goose egg on his forehead. You rock James!

GetUWired whitewater rafting
Project Manager James Wall with an almost-broken nose and a major goose egg on his forehead … You ROCK James!

Want James on Your Next Project?

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