4 Money-saving tips for entrepreneurs who need marketing on a budget

By Ella Wilson

money saving tips for entrepreneurs
These money-saving tips for entrepreneurs who need marketing on a budget will help you get more ROI out of your marketing dollars.

Starting a business on a shoestring budget? If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re probably pinching pennies like a pro in the process of getting your business off the ground. One mistake many new businesses make is to skimp on their marketing.

Let’s make one thing clear – marketing is not a luxury. It’s not something your business can do without, especially not in its infancy stages. Skimping on marketing is skimping on the one thing your business needs more than anything right now – customers.

Here are a few money-saving tips for entrepreneurs that will help you get more customers without breaking the bank.

1. Referrals are your best source of new business – and they’re free.

So many businesses miss out on the one place they’re most likely to get new business – referrals! And you know why they miss out on it? They forget to ask!

One way you can take “forgetfulness” out of the equation when it comes to referrals is to automate them with an email marketing campaign. We use a Refer-A-Friend campaign that automatically sends out an email to new clients who have given us a positive review (because if they’re already gushing about how much they love us, they’re probably in the mood to refer their friends, too). They get one email, give us one to three friends’ names and email addresses on a landing page, and then Infusionsoft automatically sends an email to those friends saying they’ve been referred. The email auto-populates the names of the recipient and referrer so it seems even more personal – increasing the chances of a conversion.

2. Automate

Employees are expensive. They also get sick, go on vacation, and mess up (they are human, after all).

For a business owner, automated systems can be a godsend. Using a customer relationship management system like Infusionsoft costs a tiny fraction of of hiring even one employee, and it can do the job of several. From reaching out to leads to setting schedules to selling online, all without the risks of human error, a good CRM is worth a real employee’s weight in gold.

3. Tracking can save you thousands of wasted dollars

Winging it is a great way to spend all your money on stuff that doesn’t work. Tracking your marketing efforts can save you huge amounts of money, not to mention increasing your ROI by making your marketing efforts better and more effective.

When you track your advertising efforts, such as CPC ads, email marketing campaigns, website clicks, etc., you can see what your leads are interested in, what they’re not interested in, and if what you’re doing is working. You can use that data to tweak your marketing efforts to be more effective and draw in more clients.

5. Survey your customers to see what they’re interested in

The best way to find out what your customers are interested in is to ask! It’s easy enough (and cheap enough) to add a form to your website or sales emails asking:

  • Which product they are more interested in (of a list)
  • If they use Facebook, Twitter or Google+
  • What products they’d like to see you carry
  • A problem they’d like to solve with a product

Really, any information you can glean from your customers can be helpful to your marketing. Asking them which chain restaurant or sports team they prefer, for example, can tell you where to place your ads for greatest effectiveness.

Need help getting the most out of your marketing?

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