8 Marketing Automation Best Practices That Increase Your ROI

By Ella Wilson

marketing automation best practices
Follow these marketing automation best practices to increase the ROI of your email marketing efforts.

When used correctly, marketing automation is an incredibly powerful tool for building brand recognition, customer loyalty, and conversions. But if you want it to work, you’ve got to do it right. Employ these marketing automation best practices for better ROI and less waste in your marketing efforts.

Best Practice #1: Integrate marketing automation with your CRM

Make sure you’re integrating your marketing automation with the other features in your CRM, such as e-commerce and contact management. This way, you can organize your list, apply tags that begin marketing campaigns based on products viewed or purchased, and even send out special offers for complementary products. Having all these features in one system like Infusionsoft is a great way to stay organized and eliminate extra work.

Best Practice #2: Map everything

Always start your marketing automation processes with a map. We do.

For our clients, we spend a couple hours at the whiteboard before we start building their campaigns. Every email, task, and tag is mapped out beforehand big-picture style, so we can make absolutely sure that every action has an equal (and appropriate) reaction that we want.

Best Practice #3: Score your leads

To really get the most out of your marketing automation, lead scoring is key. Lead scoring allows you to track the behavior of your leads within your marketing campaigns. In a nutshell, a person who opens more emails, watches more videos and clicks more links is considered more engaged than someone who doesn’t.

In Infusionsoft, the CRM system GetUWired uses most often and recommends to our clients, you decide what makes a lead “hot,” which is a great feature because every business is different. Some industries have a year-long sales cycle, and some have only a week. Being able to tailor the scoring to your unique business is a big step toward getting usable results.

Knowing which leads are “hot” will help you know when to pull the trigger on special offers or contact them directly. And you’ll see which leads need to be added to long-term nurture sequences because they need a little more warming up.

Best Practice #4: Think like your customer

To deliver valuable content, first, you figure out what your customers want. Hard data and research are best, but coming by that information can be time-consuming and costly. One shortcut to getting the accurate research on your clients is to simply ask them what they want! Automated surveys and requests for reviews can go a long way toward gaining insight into what your customers would be interested in to increase sales, conversions and brand loyalty.

Best Practice #5: Content is King

Send your clients one or two terrible emails and, chances are, you’ve lost them forever. They’ll never open another email from you again.

Focus on delivering value with every email you send. The content of your marketing automation emails needs to speak to your customers where they are – providing incredible value that is specifically tailored to where they are in the sales process. Coupons and discounts are great for conversions, but don’t forget to send tips and tricks, holiday greetings, and other non-sales communications, too.

Best Practice #6: Don’t forget the CTAs

Don’t forget to include a CTA (call to action) in every message. It doesn’t have to be a sales offer. Your CTA can ask leads to download a report, leave a review, refer a friend, or sign up for a course. As long as you’re including a chance for your customers to interact with you, you’re on the right path.

Best Practice #7: Test, Test, Test

The only way to make sure your marketing is working is to experiment, test, and track. In Infusionsoft, you can see how many people opened your emails, how many links are clicked, and how many videos are watched. Replicate ideas that are working and revamp ideas that are not.

Best Practice #8: Keep your database clean

Proper labeling, information segmentation and database maintenance will make your life easier and your marketing automation much more efficient. Some people make the mistake of getting as much information as they can into their database with the intention that they’ll “organize it later.” But “later” often never comes. And the more your list grows, the more of a mess you’re going to have if you didn’t properly organize in the beginning.

Put these marketing automation best practices to work today! 

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