Internet Marketing Terms Entrepreneurs Need to Know Now

By Ella Wilson

internet marketing terms
Get to know these 22 internet marketing terms that entrepreneurs need to know now so you sound like an expert when talking to your internet marketing firm.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners – Are you ready to be an expert on your own internet marketing? Step one is learning the lingo. Here are some internet marketing terms you need to know to speak intelligently to internet marketers, web design firms and other web companies you’ll work with to get your name out in cyberspace.

22 Internet Marketing Terms Entrepreneurs Need to Know Now

A/B Testing – A/B testing lets you compare ideas/marketing efforts to see which one is more effective. Testing is the very best way to figure out if you’re getting your money’s worth out of your marketing. Most people will test their sales emails, subject lines, CTAs, landing pages, and ads. A/B testing is also called “split testing.”

Above the Fold – “Above the fold” is an internet marketing term borrowed term from the newspaper business. “Above the Fold” means the top part of the newspaper that is (big surprise) above the fold. In internet marketing terms, “above the fold” is the top part of the website that appears naturally when you land on a page. Anything you have to scroll down to is not “above the fold.”

BacklinksBacklinks are links on other sites that drive traffic back to your website and can increase your search engine rankings. (Also known as “inbound links”)

Bounce Rate – Your bounce rate is the percentage of people who come to your website or landing page and quickly leave. A high bounce rate can signal a few different problems, such as slow load times, disparate messaging between the ad and the landing page, poor functionality, ineffective layout or copy that doesn’t deliver what visitors expected on the site.

Call To Action – A call to action, in internet marketing terms, is a request for your leads to take some kind of action. It could be to download a report, call, schedule an appointment, etc.

Content MarketingContent marketing includes sending emails, reports, and other “content” to your leads with the goal of building brand loyalty and creating conversions. Blogs, reports, and sales emails are all examples of content marketing.

Conversion Rate – This is the rate at which your leads or potential customers take an action to go further into the sales cycle. That can be downloading a free report, opting into a newsletter, or buying a product.

CPC – Cost-Per-Click (or Pay-Per-Click) advertising charges you a certain amount every time someone clicks on your ad.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – A CRM system manages your contacts, internet marketing campaigns, e-commerce and more in one software platform. Infusionsoft is the CRM GetUWired uses most often uses and recommends to its clients.

Dynamic content – Dynamic content is the fresh, new content that gets added to your site on a regular basis. Dynamic content (usually in the form of blogs) helps your search engine rankings and engagement with customers.

Guerrilla Marketing – Using unconventional means to market a product, such as putting ads in unusual places like the bottom of a swimming pool or building a larger-than-life model of a product to put in a public place. Marketing automation is a large source of guerrilla internet marketing, by sending leads specialized content automatically and tracking their activities within internet marketing campaigns.

Keyword – A term or phrase that appears in your internet content that search engines use to decide what your content is about.

Marketing AutomationMarketing automation helps companies market on multiple internet channels automatically, such as emails, websites, and social media.

Mobile Marketing – With more and more people checking their email and surfing the web on their smartphones and tablets, it is imperative that businesses have mobile-friendly websites and marketing emails. Mobile marketing aims to give your customers a great user experience with responsive emails and websites that look great on any device they’ve viewed on.

Quality Score – A quality score is bestowed on any internet property such as a website, web page or landing page.

Remarketing/retargeting – Ever wondered how you’re the internet somehow KNOWS you were just looking at pink Crocs on Amazon? They know what you’ve been looking at and they know where you are now! (Creepy, right?)

Retargeting and remarketing ads are the ads that follow you around on the internet advertising products you’ve been looking at on other sites.

Responsive DesignResponsive design on a website, email or landing page makes the design scale so that it will look good on any screen no matter the size. Responsive design is particularly important now that so many people surf the internet and check their email on smartphones and tablets.

ROI (Return on Investment) – The percentage of profit generated on your investment.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) – An RSS feed is a data feed system that delivers content automatically.

SEO (Search engine optimization) – The best place to hide a body? Page 2 of Google search results. Search engine optimization is a way to help your website get on Page 1. SEO combines several tactics, such as inserting keywords in the right places on your site, that will help the search engines rank your website for that subject.

SERP – Search engine results page

Target Market – Your target market is the demographic of potential customers your marketing is aiming to reach.

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