Survey Automation: If you ask, they’ll tell!

By Ella Wilson

survey automation
Got a question for your customers? Survey automation gets you the answers you need with no extra work for you!

When you want to improve your business – say, with a new marketing plan, products or services, or an update to the look of your store or website – where’s the best place to find out what your customers want? That’s right – your customers themselves! Too often, though, small business owners forget to ask their customers for feedback. That’s where survey automation can be a game-changer.

Survey Automation – Making life easier

Remembering to ask customers for their feedback is just one more thing that small businesses have on their plates – and sometimes it falls through the cracks. Or, if you do remember, like cashiers that will say “Don’t forget to fill out the survey on your receipt,” many times, your customers will forget. (When was the last time you actually took one of those receipt surveys?) Survey automation makes it effortless for you and tremendously easier for your customers to follow through with taking their survey.

What is survey automation?

Very simply – survey automation sends out surveys to your customers at particular points in the customer lifecycle automatically. These surveys are sent directly to your customers’ email, so they’re already in a prime position to fill out the survey when they get it.

How does it work?

The way this is accomplished with GetUWired’s #1 choice for CRM systems, Infusionsoft, is by applying a tag to the contact record that triggers a survey. Applying that tag can be set up to be automatic, as well, or you can do it manually if you’d prefer.

When the survey is triggered to go out is up to you. We find that the best times to send out surveys are right when the person becomes a client or when they make a purchase. Your business is still fresh in their mind at those points, and they are more likely to respond when they’ve just been blown away by your incredible service.

What kind of surveys can I send out?

Whatever you can dream up, Infusionsoft can make it happen. A lot of surveys will ask basic questions like “How pleased were you with our service?” But there’s no reason to stop there.

Let’s say you’ve been thinking about adding new products to your catalog. Wouldn’t it be great to know what your customers are interested in buying BEFORE you plunk down valuable capital? Ask them what they’d like to see (and buy)!

Want to host an event or a webinar? Ask clients what they’d like to see discussed. Planning on updating your website? Ask customers what new features they’d like to see included.

Surveys can lead to reviews, referrals and more

For our clients, many times we’ll set up an automatic survey in Infusionsoft that will lead the customer to leave a review or refer a friend after submitting a positive survey. For negative surveys, we set it up so that someone within the company will be notified immediately so they can reach out to the displeased customer directly to fix the issue.

How much better could your business be with automated surveys?

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