3 Ways Small Businesses Screw Up Their Marketing Automation

By Ella Wilson

small business marketing automation
Is your small business screwing up its marketing automation? Check this list to find out.

Marketing automation is a powerhouse efficiency and conversion booster when you know how to use it. Unfortunately, too many small businesses do not. Check out this list of ways that small businesses screw up their marketing automation to make sure you’re getting the most ROI out of your investment.

Not knowing how to use their small business marketing automation software

Imagine if you took a car out on the highway without anyone teaching you how to drive first. Disastrous, right? Well, it’s no different in marketing automation.

When a small business doesn’t understand how to use its marketing automation platform, all kinds of marketing faux pas occur, such as:

  • Not using it at all
  • Sending leads emails that don’t apply to them
  • Sending leads the same emails over and over
  • Sending out emails that are poorly formatted or otherwise amateur

Making these kinds of internet marketing gaffes leads to a terrible image for your small business. Marketing automation is all about inspiring trust, not erasing it!

Solution: Get professional training. Good training costs a little up front, but it will increase the lifelong ROI for your marketing automation software exponentially.

Not having a strategy

Blasting out generic emails not working for you? Well, of course it’s not! Those things are going into the trash bin before you can say “Read me.”

There’s a reason there’s an entire industry behind what you’re trying to throw together yourself. Marketing automation is a lot more complex than sending out a few emails. When done right, it works like gangbusters. (Companies that switch to marketing automation see their number of qualified leads increase by 451%.) When done wrong, you’re just bothering your customers.

Solution: Hire a professional marketing automation strategist. Not only will they know the best types of content, timing, subject lines, and more, they’re also going to be able to point you in the right direction for integrating marketing automation with your other advertising efforts to increase your conversion rate.

Not using specialized content

If you’re sending new parents emails about a great new time-consuming hobby you’re selling, you are wasting your time. Same with sending retirees career tips or hipsters style tips about properly fitting jeans.

Solution: For your marketing automation to be truly effective, you’ve got to be sending relevant content to your leads every single time.

Step 1: Segment your lists. This way you can send more relevant messaging to each segment of your lead base, therefore maximizing your chances of making a real connection.

Step 2: Create content. Make sure, with every piece of content you send your customers, that it delivers value. Always think, “What would my customers be interested in?” not “What am I interested in?”

Need help making the most of your marketing automation?

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