Seriously awesome marketing automation testimonial from Nat Wallen!

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GetUWired Project Showcase Video from Nat Wallen on Vimeo.

My goodness gracious. We just got one whopper of a marketing automation testimonial video from our client Nat Wallen, a Realtor and entrepreneur from Charleston, S.C. We love all our clients and all our testimonials, but Nat just went above and beyond for us on this one. Look at the production quality! Thanks Nat!

Who is Nat Wallen?

Besides being a Realtor, Nat has launched two brands into the market – Agent Converter and BellaRuby. Agent Converter is a software system that connects loan officers with Realtors. BellaRuby is a software for Realtors that helps them share information, get more referrals and leverage their agent networks more effectively.

What Nat has to say about GetUWired

“I’ve been able to educate and bring together both sides of the industry, and I couldn’t have done it without Infusionsoft and without GetUWired. Thank you so much to everybody at GetUWired!” – Nat Wallen

A chance meeting that changed Nat’s career

Just by chance, Nat Wallen found himself at an Infusionsoft conference where he bumped into our very own V.P. of Business Development Dobbin Buck. Dobbin invited him to dinner with himself and about 20 other people in the real estate industry. As the night wore on, Nat was amazed to listen to these other real estate professionals tell success stories about their work with Infusionsoft and GetUWired.

“It was fascinating … to hear about all the things GetUWired was doing to get them wired with Infusionsoft,” Nat said.

Inspiration like lightning

But that dinner wasn’t the only inspiring event for Nat at the Infusionsoft conference. While listening to other Infusionsoft users talk about their businesses, their successes and hard times, Nat was struck with an idea for a business he’d later dub “Agent Converter,” which would bring Realtors and loan officers together.

But first things first

Nat knew that to have the time and resources to commit to his new venture, he was going to have to automate his current real estate business first. So he called Dobbin.

Together, Dobbin and Nat came up with a way to build a referral-based real estate business. We built Nat a system where, when a new lead came in, he would choose a real estate agent in his office to funnel the lead to. So he’s helping Realtors by handing them leads, and they’re paying him referral fees that support his new ventures.

Big-time content marketing

Next, Nat created about two years of content about what it takes to buy and sell real estate, because according to the National Association of Realtors, it takes people about 18 months to make a big decision like that. This content delivers extreme value to the leads, and it solves another problem. The way we set up the system, the content actually comes from the owner agent, not Nat, which help leads “get to know” their agents if they were only familiar with Nat before.

Getting shut out by Dobbin – but for a good reason

With the real estate referral business in place, now it was time for Nat to get started on his new venture. But when he approached Dobbin about automating the new business, Dobbin wouldn’t do it. He thought it created a conflict of interest with some of our current clients.

Nat was distraught. He was already spoiled by the GetUWired one-stop-shop approach by this point and really didn’t want to go anywhere else.

“Everyone (at GetUWired) is an expert at what they do,” Nat said. “When you hire GetUWired, you get a whole team. You make a plan and they actually do the work, no prodding required.”

Poor Nat had to go somewhere else, but they didn’t have the tools or the skillset that we do, and Nat ended up losing $3,000. (Sorry Nat.)

Disclosing secrets to seal the deal

After his failure with the other agency, Nat came back to Dobbin and (against his patent attorney’s advice) showed Dobbin all of the proprietary details of his new system. Once Dobbin saw that this new business wouldn’t be a conflict of interest, the ball started rolling.

Lifecycle marketing on a grand scale

After learning about lifecycle marketing at the Infusionsoft conference, Nat created about 100 tips for what he would do as a loan officer knowing what he knows about real estate.

“Initially, I built them as blog posts on my website,” Nat said. “The funnel initially would just email them out. I was worried that people would lose these emails over time or they’d go to spam or something.”

Nat and Dobbin came up with a plan to get Memberium involved. Using Memberium, we created a membership program. Now people sign up for a free membership to his blog instead of just having content randomly mailed out.

The membership site has a gaming element to it that we suggested. As people watch videos, they fill out surveys that unlock the next videos. This allows Nat to collect critical data, and it makes reading the blog into a fun and engaging experience for the audience. They want to unlock those locks!

What to do with all these blogs?

Nat has a mountain of blog posts that he wanted to use for content marketing, but he needed a way to make them to convert. We suggested adding a registration form to every blog post. Nat says this has been a game changer for him as far as list building goes. We even figured out a way to hide the registration for readers that were already signed in so they have a more pleasant viewing experience.

Training and onboarding

With the membership site and content marketing plan in place, Nat focused on his onboarding and training process. He created a series of training videos that basically pull back the curtain to show loan officers the hidden side of real estate agents. This way, loan officers can walk a few steps in a real estate agent’s shoes and understand how to build stronger relationships with Realtors.

The delivery method for these videos is an interactive media center with locked elements that introduce the fun gaming element and encourage people to become a member.

“With this portal, I realized that there is a real coaching element to what I’m doing, and it feels really good to wake up and do this every day,” Nat said.

Peeling Back the Realtor Onion – And incredible marketing automation

To really connect with his audience one-on-one, Nat created the “Peeling Back the Realtor Onion” webinar for loan officers. But he didn’t want to do all this work for nothing. When people signed up, Nat wanted to MAKE SURE they actually attended.

We set up his webinar, and then created some fancy-schmancy automation sequences in Infusionsoft that would help him nail attendance, deliver his message the right way, and convert.

  • Here are some of the sequences we created:
  • Three-message sequence before the webinar to get people pumped about it.
  • Different versions of that sequence for people that sign up close to the webinar time, so they still get all the same messages, just at a different rate.
  • Automated text and voicemail that go out right before the webinar to remind people to attend.
  • People who miss the webinar are sent a replay of the webinar.
  • People who miss the webinar but don’t take the replay are offered access to some of the locked information in the membership program.
  • People who attend the webinar but don’t buy are sent information that moves them forward in the buying process.
  • People who attend the webinar and buy are entered into the automatic onboarding process.

“I can’t thank GetUWired and Dobbin enough for all of this,” Nat said.

BellaRuby and our killer coding abilities

“(This is) one important variable that speaks to GetUWired’s coding abilities,” Nat said.

BellaRuby is based around loan officers being the distributors of the system. We didn’t want to put the burden on loan officers to explain the whole system because it’s quite a mouthful.

We created a system where the loan officer will send an invitation to real estate agent, and the email explains everything. Then they’re taken through a landing page to their own membership site. This way, Nat can control the message with the same unlocking system.

Search features

We also created an agent search feature in Agent Converter. Realtors can only be in the system once, and this search feature allows loan officers to see if an agent is already connected with a loan officer and if they’re available or not. We also created a similar search feature for Realtors in the BellaRuby system.

Test Drives

We also created a test drive feature for both softwares so agents and loan officers can try out the systems in their entirety before they sign up.

We helped Nat – Now it’s your turn!

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