December 10, 2015

Taking the Pressure off Atlanta Compressor: A marketing automation miracle just in time for Christmas

By Ella Wilson

atlanta compressor marketing automation
We worked a marketing automation miracle for Atlanta Compressor, and they’re raving about the results!

Atlanta Compressor came to us in May needing a pressure valve to release the stress on their business.

Atlanta Compressor sells and services air compressors. Not the kind you fill up tires with in your garage, but the great-big-huge ones you see in auto repair shops and factories. These big machines have so many parts and pieces that maintenance is a complex, never-ending treadmill of tasks. Trying to keep up with it all was sucking the air out of Atlanta Compressor’s staff.

It’s Not Magic, It’s Marketing Automation

Atlanta Compressor owner Morty Hodge is a process fiend. Everything in his office has a process written for it. But with things that are a little less tangible and trackable – like customer service – Morty wanted to be able to quantify the unquantifiable. Sounds like magic, doesn’t it? But it’s not magic. It’s automation.

Step 1: The Sales Pipeline

The first thing we did for Atlanta Compressor was create a sales pipeline that would help move customers through the sales cycle more efficiently and without as much hassle.

We created an integration between Infusionsoft and Swyft that would allow the Atlanta Compressor team to more easily use Infusionsoft away from the office. With our integration, techs out in the field can fill out forms, order parts, set appointments and a whole lot more right from their smartphones and tablets. For example, an on-site tech can set up an appointment with a client right then and there, and that appointment will set off email automation through Infusionsoft.

This saves techs and office staff a ton of steps and time, and it reduces human error that invariably happens when you’ve got mere mortals doing mounds of repetitive paperwork.

Step 2: The Service Pipeline

After the sales pipeline was piped out and ready to go, next we started on the service pipeline.

Atlanta Compressor’s main business is ongoing service contracts. Without automation, this process was nightmare, because each air compressor has a zillion different parts that need to be replaced, and most businesses have more than one compressor.

Trying to keep up with all that on spreadsheets was practically beyond human ability. And as superhuman as the Atlanta Compressor team is, they just couldn’t deal with the strain of that failing system anymore.

GetUWired specializes in coming to rescue of small businesses with big dreams, and this was no exception.

Here’s the automated process we created:

  1. Companies sign up for a service contract.
  2. Atlanta Compressor maintains a database of all the compressors for each business. The database tells what services are needed and when.
  3. When it’s time for a service, Atlanta Compressor automatically notifies the client with an email.
  4. If the client does not want to schedule maintenance right then, they click a link that says “Not ready for maintenance now,” and a form pops up that asks why. Then they are dropped into an email sequence reminding them to schedule service.
  5. If they click the link that says “Yes, I’d like service now,” an API fires off that pulls what services the company is due for and automatically requests the necessary parts from the vendor.
  6. When the parts come in, the client gets another automated email where they can schedule their service appointment right in the email, compliments of an integration between Infusionsoft and AppointmentCore.

On-Site Automated Convenience

When the tech shows up to perform service, the tech creates a service agreement right from their tablet or smartphone that the client reviews and signs electronically with their finger. The service agreement is instantly emailed to the client and Atlanta Compressor’s accounting department, which will send out an invoice.

More automation keeps track of pending and late payments and automatically sends reminders for clients who are nearing their payment date or past due.

And while the tech is on site, if they notice anything else the client might need, they input that information into a form that automatically gets sent to the appropriate sales rep at Atlanta Compressor. The rep can then reach out to the client for a potential sale. Anticipating the clients’ needs is great customer service that saves the clients a lot of time and hassle avoiding future repairs and lost productivity.

We love Morty – And he loves us back!

Morty recently left us a rave review on the Infusionsoft marketplace, and we’re practically blushing over it. Here’s what he had to say about GetUWired:

“GetUWired’s purpose is to ‘help small businesses succeed,’ and you can feel their purpose shine through when you visit their website, when you speak to their people, when you visit their cabin in the woods, and when they help you develop marketing that works. It has been a true pleasure getting to know this company and their team. We are starting our 3rd and 4th projects with GetUWired, and we are excited about the future now that we have found an amazing partner.”

Mission Escape: Atlanta

When you meet the Atlanta Compressor team, you wonder how such a fun group runs a business as straightforward as repairing air compressors. Well, they get their fun and creative side out in their other business – Mission Escape: Atlanta. Mission Escape: Atlanta is a real-life escape game, sort of like a living, breathing game of Clue. Participants follow clues to solve a mystery and escape the themed rooms.

The GetUWired team visited Mission Escape: Atlanta back in November for our fourth quarter team building event. Its quirky, larger-than-life excitement was right up our alley! We loved it, and you will too. If you’re looking for the ultimate team-building event for your company, or a killer way to hang out with your friends, just click here to visit Mission Escape: Atlanta’s website.

Already imagining what marketing automation can do for your business?

Of course you are! Just call us today at 877-236-9094 or visit us online at www.GetUWired.com. Whatever big dreams your small business has, we’re in the business of making them happen. Don’t wait. Call us now!





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