IKEA sales tricks to use in your small business digital marketing

By Ella Wilson

ikea small business digital marketing

IKEA. You can’t escape that place without buying at least one or two fancifully foreign-named products, can you? From meatballs to mattresses, IKEA’s got some no-fail tricks to getting people to buy that you can easily put to use in your small business digital marketing.

Small Business Digital Marketing Trick 1: Leading customers exactly where you want them to go

IKEA’s maze-like aisle parades you through every single department (and past every possible display and product section) in such a way that you literally can’t skip one (unless you know the secret passageways, which change all the time). It starts with the staggeringly small yet efficient display apartments (proof that their storage systems are basically magic), and moves further and further into different departments and finally into the warehouse where you pick up the large furniture. The pathway is even designed to turn about every 50 feet to keep customers from getting bored and to inspire their curiosity about what’s coming up next.

A great sitemap is a terribly underestimated value to your small business website. A great sitemap guides your leads practically by the hand to exactly where you want them to go. The perfect sitemap leads logically from one topic to the next. Here’s an example:

Let’s say you sell shoes. Your perfect sitemap should start with the divisions of men, women, and children. After that, you might want to segregate by different styles. After that, organize your products further by separating by size and color.

The whole point of a great sitemap is to get people to where you want them to be (buying shoes) by incrementally giving them what they want as an incentive to keep going. The last thing you want is for your leads to get confused or frustrated and give up.

Small Business Digital Marketing Trick 2: “Open the Wallet” areas

You know those overflowing bins of cheap, cheerfully designed goods that pop up along IKEA’s winding aisle? Those are the “Open the Wallet” areas. They’re designed to be overflowing to entice you with what seems like a great deal, which makes you crack the seal on your wallet. Because once you have made the switch into buying mode, it’s a lot more likely that you’re pick up several more things, too. (Gotta make standing in that crazy-long line worth it, right?)

In small business digital marketing, your “Open the Wallet” area is your freemium or low-cost engagement. If you can entice your leads to attend a free webinar, download a PDF, or sign up for your newsletter, you’ve helped them jump a major hurdle in doing business with you. Once they’ve interacted with your company, they are approximately 8 times more likely to do it again.

Small Business Digital Marketing Trick 3: IKEA never stops studying its target market

The IKEA “Life at Home” report is an annual research study on the habits, wishes, and lifestyles of their customers. A combination of current and past research, surveys, and extensive at-home visits, the “Life at Home” report helps IKEA keep a finger on the pulse of what its customers want and need … even if the customers themselves don’t know it yet.

“A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” -Steve Jobs

IKEA uses the “Life at Home” report to fill all the needs its customers didn’t even know they had. All those weird storage solutions that suddenly solve some problem you’ve been dealing with for years? What genius! And you just have to have one. (You and a million other people. Good job, IKEA).

You may think your small business doesn’t have the customer base or the budget to do extensive market research, but you’re wrong. There are plenty of inexpensive ways to find out more about what your customers want and what their biggest pain points are.

One way is by tracking your marketing automation campaigns. With an automated marketing system like Infusionsoft, you can easily peek into the system at any time and see which of your campaigns/emails/subject lines are getting the most activity. That will give you a good idea on what topics are most interesting to your leads.

Another way is to simply ask. An automated campaign that asks for feedback or reviews is incredibly easy to set up and runs on its own after that.

Small Business Digital Marketing Tip 4: IKEA is inspirational

From its destination-like setting to its beautiful model rooms, going to IKEA is a whole-senses experience designed to do one thing – make you buy. IKEA stores are generally (in the US) standalone buildings surrounded by airport-like parking, lending to the image of IKEA as a destination all its own. It’s kind of a big deal. Which puts you in the perfect mood to “make the most of your trip” and come home with at least something.

With a cafeteria (and delicious meatballs) and a children’s play area that keeps the little ones secure while you shop, IKEA has designed its stores so that you can stay in them as long as you like. You’re even allowed to sleep in the beds. That ambiance puts you in the mindset of lingering and exploring. That winding path furthers your explorative drive. Everything about the IKEA shopping experience is crafted to be exciting and engaging, and you’re sucked in (while your cash is sucked away).

For your business, making your digital marketing content and website design exciting and engaging is non-negotiable. Customers today are so inundated with marketing messages, you’ve got to really grab them by their hearts to cut through the “noise.”

One great way to get leads to linger on your site is to have interactive tools or attention-grabbing blogs. Leads are coming to your website to get some information – they want their questions answered. If you can give them those answers in a way that is so engaging that they slip deeper and deeper into your content like a warm bath, you’ve got exponentially more time to form a connection with them. The more they interact with your content, the more engaged they are with your brand, and the more likely they are to make a purchase.

Need small business digital marketing that rivals IKEA’s genius?

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