March 30, 2016

6 FREE Ways to Improve Company Culture

By Ella Wilson

free tips to improve company culture

Think having a great company culture is something only big names like Google and Infusionsoft get to do? That’s 100% not true. After all, look at GetUWired — we were recognized as a Top Company Culture by Entrepreneur Magazine. Having a great company culture is within the reach of any company, big or small.

You may not have the budget for in-office massages or gourmet complimentary lunches, but there are still plenty of no-cost things you can do to make your office a more positive and productive workspace. Here are 6 FREE ways to improve office culture that we use here at GetUWired.

Get feedback from your employees

As upper management, you probably think you have an idea of how your employees feel about your company. But do you really?

To get better feedback from our employees here at GetUWired, we’ve created a 50-question employee survey to find out how our employees really feel about our company. Behind the mask of an anonymous survey, our employees are free to talk openly about their jobs and this company in a way that they may not feel comfortable doing face to face.

The purpose of the survey is to get accurate, honest feedback about our company culture and how our employees feel about the state of the company. It’s a two-win situation: we get feedback from the employees that we use to improve our company, and our employees feel more valued simply because we are asking for their feedback.

Be transparent about letting people go

Sometimes, we’ve got to let people go. Everybody does. But when you have such a good company culture and a close staff, when someone gets the boot, the whole company feels the pain. It’s like we’ve lost a family member.

No matter what kind of company you work for, when someone gets fired, morale suffers. Remaining employees are left shaking in their desk chairs wondering if they’ll be next.

To combat the ripple of poor morale that runs through staff when someone gets fired, upper management will hold an impromptu meeting to explain, without revealing any details (and therefore keeping the whole thing legal), why that person was let go. It’s always positive in nature and includes best wishes to the person leaving. This explanation works as a reminder of what is acceptable behavior in the company as well as a way to assuage the fear that comes from a company firing.

Quit micromanaging

Why are you hiring employees you can’t trust to do their jobs? Really. It’s a waste of your time, your company’s resources, and your employee’s spirit.

One completely free and easy way to improve your company culture is to empower your employees to make their own decisions at work. If you’ve got employees you can trust, this should be easy. By giving employees power over their own workday, you’re delivering the independence they need to be happy, more innovative, and probably come up with solutions that you couldn’t have thought of (since you’re too busy doing other people’s work).

Offer flexible schedules

All the money in the world can’t make up for a life full of exhaustion, stress, and overwork. No paycheck can buy quality time with your kids.

Help your employees achieve a healthy work-life balance by offering flexible schedules, work-from-home capabilities, and very little or no overtime.

It’s been proven that, at 50 hours, productivity hits a wall. Someone who works 60 hours a week isn’t much more productive than someone who works 40 hours, and they’re way more likely to burn out.

Here at GetUWired, we can work from home when our kids are sick or we’re waiting on the cable guy. If we need to go to an appointment in the middle of the workday, no one gives us grief about it as long as we make up that missed time elsewhere in the week. We respect that our employees have lives and responsibilities outside of work.

Eat lunch at your office

Keeping an open line of communication between upper management and the rest of the staff is a key part of a healthy company culture, and there’s no cheaper way to do that than just hanging out with them. If off-the-clock socializing isn’t something you’re comfortable with, try just hanging out in the common areas of your office for lunch.

Here’s the caveat: Don’t talk about work. The lunch hour is a relax/recharge recess for your employees. Don’t spoil it. Instead, talk about your life, your weekend, their families, etc. The lunch hour is a great time to make a personal connection with your employees — and you’ll save all that money on eating out, too!

Make your office pet-friendly

Bringing well-behaved pets to work is a stress-reliever for everyone — even the pets! For one, having a pet in the office means you’ll be forced to go outside and take a break every so often. Secondly, is there anything more comforting than stroking a pet? And thirdly, having a pet at your desk is sure to tempt your coworkers to come visit for some good snuggles when they need a break (from your pet. Not you.) — fostering closer relationships among employees.

See what a difference culture makes in our work!

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