March 23, 2016

Copywriting brain hacks that supercharge your small business content marketing

By Ella Wilson

small business content marketing

Sales is, at its heart, the art of human connection. To make people open their wallets and purchase your product, you don’t have to have a great product. You just have to be a great salesperson (or a really great copywriter for your small business content marketing).

That’s where sales psychology comes in. All the success in the world comes from the ability to connect with people. And to connect to people, you have to know how their minds work.

Here are some copywriting brain hacks based on the science of psychology that work over and over again. It’s not trickery – it’s science!

Repetition, repetition, repetition

As silly as it sounds, the more you repeat something to someone, the more likely they are to believe it. It sounds so simple, but it works!

It’s exactly what parenting experts have been telling moms and dads for decades: tell your children they are smart (You is kind. You is smart. You is important) and they will be!

  • In your content marketing, you don’t have to repeat things necessarily word for word. For a more natural effect, use a few different versions of the same message, such as:
  • Accounting services that save you money
  • Money-saving accounting services
  • Keep more of your money with our accounting services

Like a mantra. Keep repeating (unobtrusively of course) your product’s best assets, and that message will take up residence in your customers’ brains whisper to them “buy, buy, buy.”

If you’re not first, you’re last

When it comes to lists, items that show up in the beginning and the end carry more weight with readers than what’s in the middle. Think about how you scan an article (and we’re all impatient scanners these days): you read the beginning, scan through, and read the end. It could pay off for you to put your best sales-related copy at the beginning and the end.

Caveat: This piece of advice flies in the face of journalism’s inverted pyramid model, which maintains that readers consume the first part of an article, make it halfway through, and peter out somewhere before the end.

It might be a good idea to AB test both models with your audience, and see which ones performs best.

Rhyming words – A memory trick perfect for content marketing 

My daughter and I have been practicing rhyming words at home, in the car, and everywhere else we go. She loves it, and it’s easy. It’s also pretty amazing to see how many of the same word combinations she uses again and again.

As it turns out, scientific study shows that rhyming words and phrases are more easily understood and remembered by the brain. By simply understanding and remembering the phrase, our brains are tricked into believing that it’s true. Use this to your advantage in your small business content marketing, and watch how one catchy turn-of-phrase can help your conversion rate rise.

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About Ella Wilson

Ella WilsonElla Wilson is GetUWired’s “Queen of Words.” This world-class marketing copywriter is a former journalist and travel writer who’s spent the last decade weaving gripping tales for publications coast to coast. She’s got her finger on the pulse of today’s marketing trends. Notable clients who have been graced with her powerful prose include FUBU founder and Shark Tank star Daymond John, self-help star and Emmy-award winner Rhonda Britten, and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Daniel Amen.