June 17, 2016

All-Star Dylan Meredith Scores Employee of the Month

By Ella Wilson

Dylan Meredith Employee of the Month
Dylan Meredith takes a sniff of a paw paw leaf, which acts as natural insect repellant, at Medicine Bow.

Project Coordinator Dylan Meredith is our GetUWired company all-star. This guy is literally good at everything.

When we played company kickball, Dylan was the secret weapon that played for TWO DIFFERENT TEAMS because we were missing a person. At Medicine Bow, Dylan wowed us all by leaping nearly as high as his own head and winning the high jump competition. And he handles the real work we do — not just the playtime — like a champ. That’s why he’s this month’s employee of the month.

Sweet Secret Nomination

Dylan was not nominated for employee of the month by his project manager, Stephanie Furnas, though she’s nominated him before. No, this nomination came from a secret source – someone who interacts with Dylan daily … Administrative Coordinator April Loebick.

Her nomination read:

I would like to nominate Dylan for employee of the month. Dylan is always willing to rise to the challenge, whether that’s the CrossFit project or the high-jump. He not only helps out Steph’s team, but others (like when he goes out to get Chick-Fil-A when the front office is slammed) as well. Not only is he a hard worker, he’s also entertaining and an asset to the company’s culture.”

What Dylan Brings to the Table

Dylan’s amiable demeanor and passion for this company are no accident. Dylan, who has a BA in psychology and is pursuing a second degree in marketing, is a student of the human experience. As such, he goes out of his way to make everyone’s days better.

“I try to be a generally good person to everyone I talk to,” Dylan said.

His positive attitude is a huge asset, as he has one of the newest and most difficult positions in the building. As Stephanie Furnas’ project coordinator, he helps manage her projects, runs the team if she’s away, and oversees the day-to-day relationship with one of GetUWired’s biggest clients. It’s a lot to handle, and he does it with a smile … and plenty of jokes and pranks to boot.

The Employee of the Month Curse

Unfortunately, Dylan fell victim to the employee of the month curse. It seems like lately, every employee of the month seems to succumb to some sort of bad luck. Last month, employee of the month Ben Redden had his car break down — and stay in the shop for nearly three weeks!

Dylan Meredith High Jump
Dylan Meredith – who is literally good at everything – jumps nearly his own height!

Dylan got a double dose of the curse. His car broke down AND he was bitten by a black widow spider! Both the car and the spider bite and doing much better, but he is still limping a bit from a knee sprain at our Medicine Bow team-building event.

Weird and Wonderful

Dylan said his favorite part of GetUWired is the people who work here. The nice thing is, that’s what every employee of the month says. Awwww.

“Everyone is pretty laid back and has a good time,” Dylan said. “Everyone is very accepting of different types of people, and that’s not an easy thing to find. We’re all weird in our own unique ways and everyone accepts it.”

What Dylan Will Do With His Winnings

To reward all Dylan’s hard work, he’ll receive the coveted employee of the month parking spot, a three-day weekend, and his portrait hung and vandalized by the rest of us.

With his extra day off, Dylan plans to take his girlfriend to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Florida for her birthday.

Want to Work with Dylan?

We’ll make it happen! Just give us a call at 877-236-9094 or visit us online at www.GetUWired.com today!


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