July 12, 2016

6 Steps to GetUWired’s Award-Winning Company Culture

By Ella Wilson

company culture
It doesn’t cost a lot to get an award-winning company culture like ours. Just follow these steps!

You don’t get to be an Entrepreneur magazine Top Company Culture and one of Georgia’s Best Places To Work by accident (We’ve got both awards, if you didn’t already know). It takes a real heart-felt belief that happy employees are better employees and the action to make it happen.

The money stuff isn’t enough

We offer competitive salaries, good insurance, and we even just upped our number of vacation days just to keep everyone happy. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating great company culture. There is SO MUCH MORE you need to build and maintain an award-winning company culture.

Here are some of the key steps GetUWired takes to build and maintain its award-winning company culture.

Step 1 – Everybody hates a micromanager

I know, your business is your baby. But that’s the problem. When you micromanage your employees, you make them babysit your business when they should be parenting it.

Here, we treat each employee as if they are running their own small business. Each of us is responsible for our own work. It’s even one of our core values: “Honor the role and respect the position.”

As such, we’re passionate about what we do and our business as a whole. Because when it’s really “up to you” to make sure your piece of the pie is perfect, you put your heart and soul into making sure it is.

Step 2 – “Buy in” is not just for pyramid schemes

Employee buy-in boils down to this – When employees believe in their leaders, their mission, and themselves, they’ll go to lengths for your company that no dollar sign could buy.

We’re big on employee buy-in here. When it came time to create GetUWired’s core values and mission statement, we got the entire team together for two days of debate and discussion. The Leadership Team didn’t want to create a value system in a vacuum, because it’s impossible to get people connected to something they haven’t invested in. So we all got to put in our ideas and what we came up with is important to everyone, not just the company brass.

When we got our mission defined, I took a break from the copywriter’s desk and painted that sucker on the wall, Bob Ross style. Now we all know it by heart, and we really do evaluate all our decisions by our core values.

Step 3 – Dress codes are for losers

Part of our great culture is our ability to relax and be ourselves at work. For example, when we have a client coming to the cabin, admin assistant April Loebick will blast out an email to employees saying “make sure you’re wearing shoes tomorrow.” Because shoes are optional (and quite rare) during the summer months here.

Stuffy cubicles and button-up shirts do not a professional environment make. When you’re doing the kind of life-altering service we do here, there’s no need to play dress up. Our work speaks for itself. And our people can focus on the content of their character, not the color of their khakis.

Step 4 – Get out and have some fun!

We talk about our team-building events like old football players reliving their glory days. “Remember when we made Bobby into a boat and he sank?” “I thought for sure James broke his nose whitewater rafting.”

Team-building events cost money, but the ROI we see on them is tenfold at least. We work incredibly hard, and a company-sponsored day off to pal around and play is a great recharger for all of us. Our team events help us forge bonds that manifest in better communication, cooperation, and results for our clients.

Step 5 – Be flexible

One of the biggest perks of working here is schedule flexibility. Personally, as a single mom, being able to work from home when my kid is sick is one of the top 5 reasons I don’t go insane.

Doctor’s appointments, emergency situations, vacations, LIFE – these are the things that make work-life balance a moving target. But the way our leadership handles our requests — with respect and trust — makes it that much easier to give 100% at work without sacrificing our home life. And vice versa.

We are living proof that when you trust your employees, they’ll go out of their way to be trustworthy.

Step 6 – Go all out with appreciation

Not too long ago, project manager Chris Johnessee was having a rough day, and he accidentally texted CEO Melissa Allen instead of his wife about wanting some ice cream. Mel took it upon herself to have SIX GALLONS of ice cream delivered to him that day, just to put a smile on his face.

(Side note: Melissa I could REALLY use some ice cream right now.)

But it’s not just leadership that goes all out to show appreciation. Our PMs hand out free snacks, work-from-home coupons and three-day weekend passes to their developers for a job well done. Seeing baked goods and vacation souvenirs gifted around the office is a regular occurrence.

GetUWired’s leadership actively encourages a culture of appreciation and humility. It starts with you. Tell someone they did a great job today in front of their coworkers. Give them a half day off and a restaurant gift card. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to show your employees they’re appreciated, and it means so much.

See for yourself how a great culture creates even better work

Get started right now! Give us a call at 877-236-9094 or visit us online at www.GetUWired.com.

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