August 12, 2016

Marketing Consultant David “Can’t Pronounce His Last Name” Quinones is August’s Employee of the Month

By Ella Wilson

marketing consultant david quinones

When we see someone who embodies our core values and represents what GetUWired is all about, we reward them. (But like us, they’re not ever doing it for the awards. They do it because it’s the right thing to do).

This month, the person we’ve recognized fits this description to a T. Marketing consultant David Quinones, whose last name is pronounced “Kin-Yo-Nez,” lives and works in a way that’s inspiring to us all.

“He’s put a lot of effort in the growth of his department and achieving excellence in his craft to the point that it was obvious and had to be recognized,” said GetUWired Co-Owner Dobbin Buck, who nominated David for this month’s employee of the month award.

The Lack of a “Job Mindset”

“One of the most important things for employees here is that they’re so passionate about their jobs that they don’t have a ‘job mindset.’ That means they’re not watching the clock. It’s not about counting the minutes. It’s about being so fanatical about what they’re doing that they take it upon themselves to hone their craft, even if it means shorting a lunch break or staying a little late.”

But it’s not David’s punctuality that earned him this award. That’s just the icing on the cake.

A Man of Knowledge and Communication

Dobbin says that, to be a marketing consultant and sales executive like David, you’ve got to have a depth of knowledge in marketing strategy, technology and a general knowledge about how small businesses work. In case you don’t know, that’s a ton of data. When you’ve got clients peppering you with random questions, you’ve got to have the answers on hand, no matter how abstract the subject.

Over the last two years, David has immersed himself in our product offerings, business strategy, small business operations, and all the myriad skill sets we use to help small businesses succeed.

“David has a real aptitude for what we do, and the ability to communicate that to people who really don’t understand it, as well as getting people to feel comfortable quickly, which is a huge part of the process,” Dobbin said.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

One of David’s biggest successes recently has been integrating a new member into his team. Former Project Manager John Crocker transferred over to the sales team as a marketing consultant earlier this year. He’s been with the company for four years, and knows more than most people in this building about what we do to help small businesses. But the sales stuff? He had to learn that from David. And David delivered, cheerfully.

“They’ve been working together like Mutt and Jeff,” Dobbin says. “They will work on the same sales call together in certain situations because it best serves the customer to combine their knowledge. Some sales teams are highly competitive. Here, it’s the inverse. We all succeed together. And David has embodied that.”

How We Sell

GetUWired stands apart from other marketing firms in the way we run our sales team. We don’t set monthly quotas, which influence salespeople to close a deal because they want to make a number rather than trying to help the customer.

“In my opinion, that approach is contrary to a client’s best interests,” Dobbin says. “We don’t do that. Instead, we work hard to guide small businesses and help them succeed. That sometimes means we don’t take their business. In the spirit of that, we’ve created a harmonious team that isn’t competing to have a higher number on a board and is more oriented to helping everyone they’re on the phone with.”

What David Says About His Win

Always humble, David says, “I’m honored to be recognized by the hardest-working team of professionals I’ve ever met.”

Need Marketing Advice? Talk to David Today!

David would be happy to help you improve your processes, build a marketing plan, and set your small business up for explosive success. Give him a call today at 877-236-9094 or visit us online at www.GetUWired.com.



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