September 14, 2016

CEO Melissa Allen is September’s Employee of the Month

By Ella Wilson

Melissa Allen GetUWired CEO
This is what an awesome CEO looks like.

When your CEO earns an award that’s usually reserved only for employees, you know she’s been doing some pretty incredible things. That’s the story of this month’s employee of the month, GetUWired CEO and Co-Owner Melissa Allen.

An obvious choice

Every month, VP of Biz Dev and Co-Owner Dobbin Buck says, the Leadership Team looks across the company for someone who is really living our company’s core values and going above and beyond for the team. Usually, the person chosen has come from a list submitted by the employees. But this month, it was obvious to him who really stood out with her efforts to help the company more than anyone else – Melissa.

“This was a case of when I looked across the board, it was obvious who had been going above and beyond,” Dobbin said. “It’s been a long time coming. And I like making Mel feel awkward.”

Stepping in to help an employee in need

For the past month, Melissa has basically been working two jobs within the company: CEO and assistant to one of our project managers, Dylan Meredith. Dylan was handed a tremendously large new project, and it was obvious from the start that this one was going to be a doozy. He needed help, like any other sane person who only has two hands and 24 hours in a day. Mel jumped right in the storm with him.

This is a major project. Tremendous. Complex. We really should have pulled NASA in to help but we didn’t have the budget for it. But, as we say in our core values, “We define and conquer every challenge.”

We don’t know how she does it

So for the past month, Melissa and Dylan have been pulling 8-10 hour days every day streamlining, redesigning, testing, brainstorming, and executing to get this project rolling perfectly. Our goal is that no client will ever see the hard work that goes on behind the scenes, just the incredible, life-changing results we deliver. Mel and Dylan have worked hard to make that happen.

After her long day at the office, Melissa went home every day and attended to all her CEO duties that couldn’t get done during the day. That’s two full-time jobs. Add into that that Melissa is also a mom and wife, and somehow she manages to have 35 hours in every day. AND SHE DOESN’T EVEN DRINK COFFEE. Superhero? Quite possible.

Peer pressure at its finest

So Dobbin insisted that she be named this month’s employee of the month. She argued, he says, but he and Co-Owner and VP of Engineering Bobby Brown adamantly insisted that she get the award.

“She reluctantly agreed after I told her she had no choice,” Dobbin said.

We would get a quote from Mel about her winning the award, but after her hell month, she and her husband ran off to a much-deserved 10-year-anniversary trip to Hawaii, where hopefully she isn’t thinking about work at all. She’s earned it!

Imagine what lengths we’d go to for YOUR success

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