July 7, 2017

Redneck Regatta 2.0 – We Build Boats Together

By Ella Wilson

American Edwin
Edwin’s outfit was definitely the highlight of the day.

Redneck Regatta 2.0 was a smashing (or should we say “splashing”) success. The first time we tried building our own boats out of spare parts and racing them around the lake … one boat sank. One didn’t go anywhere. And one boat was just Co-Owner Bobby Brown wrapped in pool noodles. This time, with a little more experience under our belts, our boat-centric team-building event went a whole lot smoother.

We don’t get banned from parks together

Piece of Ship
Naming boats is one of our biggest talents.

This year, we were too big for our usual “just hang out on (graphic designer) Karla’s dock” plan, so we rented a pavilion overlooking Lake Lanier at River Forks park in Gainesville. And since we were there in the middle of a workday, we had the entire cove all to ourselves. (More shenanigans, less chance of adding “We get banned from a public park together” to our core values.)

Floating garbage? Nope, that’s our boats

Boats of all manner of floating garbage descended on the beach. From tied-together 5-gallon buckets to a giant paddleboard to a not-so-floating coffin-looking thing, our ugly boats are a true testament that we’re all in the right profession – not building boats.

Nerd power and the American spirit

Edwin crosses the Delaware
Edwin crosses the Delaware.

The race was surprisingly close, as the boats paddled out powered purely by computer-nerd muscle and the American spirit. Acting as our buoys were Project Manager James Wall and Bobby Brown – a testament to their bravery, indeed.


Co-Owner Dobbin Buck says he wore his Speedo for better hydrodynamics, but we think it was psychological warfare.

We decided before the event that the use of offensive tactics was acceptable. Throwing water balloons, using super soakers, and otherwise trying to throw your competitors off their game was unanimously approved. What we didn’t see coming was psychological warfare in the form of Co-Owner Dobbin Buck wearing a Speedo.

And the winner is, of course, Thomas

Thomas dives for the win
Thomas dives for the finish, beating Evan and securing the highly-coveted “Redneck Regatta” award.

Developer Thomas Pirkle is notorious for winning every the Halloween costume contest for years in a row, so it came as no surprise that he brought his all to win our Redneck Regatta, too. It was a neck-and-neck race from the water’s edge between him and developer Evan Pedrick. But at the last minute, Thomas dove for the finish line. It was so close we literally had to “check the footage” to see who won. And we felt really cool getting to do that, so it was a double win.

Work with us!

If we can build trash boats that actually float, just imagine what we can do for your marketing. Get started with a free 1-hour consult by giving us a call at 877-236-9094 or visiting us online at www.GetUWired.com.

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