August 23, 2017

5 Tips to Understanding Your Target Market

By Ella Wilson

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Understanding your target market is key to creating effective content marketing.

When you’re trying to reach new clients, the most important tool in your marketing toolbox is a solid understanding of your target market. Here’s why:

Our world is inundated with ads, as you already know. As such, we’ve all learned how to tune most of it out, lest it make us totally insane.

But what we don’t tune out is messaging that seems to speak to us on a personal level.

So how do you write ads or content marketing pieces that speak to potential customers in their own voice? While you can’t personally interview everyone in the world that might want to buy your product, you CAN do some research and make some highly educated estimations that will help you win more customers and rake in more profits.

Tip #1 – Check out what websites/magazines they read

One of the most useful things we’ve found for peeking into the psyche of customers is a list of magazines and websites they read. Websites and magazines live and die by being relevant to their readers. Checking out your current customers’ favorite media is a good way to see into the OTHER parts of their lives that maybe don’t at first seem relevant to your content marketing efforts. But that’s where good marketing comes in. A great advertising team can find creative ways to relate your product to nearly anything.

Tip #2 – Survey your current customers

Communication is key in all relationships, including the one you have with your customers. If you want to know more about your customers, just ASK. Sending quick survey to your current customers is easy, effective, and free if you’re already using a system like Infusionsoft.

  • Some questions you might want to ask include:
  • What convinced you to buy our product over a competitors’? – To help you understand what selling points to focus on in your marketing.
  • What’s the biggest problem our product has solved in your life? – To find out what pain points are most important to your market
  • What’s your favorite feature of our product? – If people mention that it’s easy to use, you could assume that they might be very busy or not tech savvy. If they mention that it’s comprehensive, you could assume that they are efficient types who like to get things done. Depending on your product, there are a million different ways test results could be interpreted.
  • What do you do in your free time? – Gives you insight into other things they like to do, which can lead to special offers (free tickets with purchase), places where you can advertise (local restaurants), and give you more insight into the broad personalities of your clients.

Tip #3 – Consider Their Location

Location makes a HUGE difference in lifestyle. City dwellers deal with traffic, crowds, smog, etc. But they also have access to the hottest restaurants, clubs, bars, and the arts. Rural residents don’t have as many “hot spots,” but they do have access to nature and probably enjoy the calm, peaceful living of the country. People in Phoenix deal with blistering heat. Wisconsin residents shovel boatloads of snow. Every location will have things that make it and its residents unique.

The good thing about considering location is that the information you gather will be very similar for every person in that location. Rich or poor, young or old, it’s still 120 degrees in Phoenix in the summer.

Tip #4 – Ask about hobbies

“But my product doesn’t have anything to do with hobbies!” you say! Well, what your product probably does is one of three things – save time, save money, or make someone’s life easier. And what do people do when they have extra time, money, and less stress? They do whatever they want to do – like their hobbies!

Not only will hobbies let you know what sorts of activities your customers are interested in, they will show you what they value (indoors vs. outdoors, charity vs. more self-related interests, etc.). Plus, you can use imagery and words in your marketing that relate to their favorite hobbies – sports terms for sports fans, cooking terms for foodies, etc.

Tip #5 – Never give up

Everything changes, and so do your customers. Make sure you always keep tabs on the wants/needs/personalities of your current customers and potential clients. The perfect customer avatar now may not be valid in a year. So keep sending out those surveys, watch their favorite media outlets, and always look for new ways to reach your target audience.

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