September 18, 2017

Tips and Tools for Excellent Content Curation

By Desiree Doree

laptop on instagramContent curation – the bane of many marketing professionals. Content curation can be a challenge, time-consuming, and at times difficult to maintain – but it doesn’t have to be!

Understanding the different ways GetUWired generates and designs content, with a variety of tools and resources, can help you move into content curation heaven!

How do I make a Content Feed?

Content feeds are your friend. These are also known as RSS feeds: essentially a way to send out information to a large number of people. Aggregator software will collect this information and arrange it in ways that make it easier for marketers like ourselves, to use! A popular tool called Feedly makes this very easy.

Other social media software applications have similar features, without solely being an RSS feed. Hootsuite allows you to build “streams” within your dashboard that will aggregate posts and content based on keywords, hashtags, and other parameters that you identify. Slack is another great way to organize and keep up with content. It will allow you to integrate with an array of other apps, customize your channels to organize your information, and overall make it much easier to gather the content you need to be the best!

Graphics Design Helpers

Content curation isn’t simply about taking what others post, and sharing it on your platforms. Marketers also need to be able to generate their own unique content. While marketers are design savvy, we might not consider ourselves graphics designers by trade. This is where some great tools can come into play. If you are looking to standardize your branding and how imagery looks across all platforms, or if you just need to make some cool infographics, there are a lot of online tools available.

Stock Images vs. Company Images

Another piece to this content curation puzzle is where to source images and video for your awesome content! This is where we consider stock images vs. company images. If you’ve been fortunate enough to have sourced some professional photos or videos of your products, locations, team members, etc. then use them! If not, there are a lot of free resources for stock imagery and videos.

All images on each of these web sites are licensed as Creative Commons Zero or CC0. This means that all images on these sites have been released for public commercial and non-commercial use, for free!

Get some content generated!

If you need content curation ideas or support, GetUWired is here to help! Contact one of our marketing specialists today for a FREE 1-hour consult by giving us a call at 877-236-9094 or visiting us online at www.GetUWired.com!