October 9, 2017

Best Lead Magnets 2017: Pros and Cons

By Ella Wilson

best lead magnets 2017

Everything you want to get your prospects to do literally hinges on what you’re bribing them with – your lead magnets.

A “lead magnet” is something you offer prospects at the very beginning of the sales cycle to get them to interact with your business and give up their email address (so you can keep marketing to them in the future). You’ll see lead magnets in ads, email blasts, social media pages, etc.

But not all bribes … ahem … “lead magnets” are created equal. So we created this handy little list of the Best Lead Magnets for 2017 to help you choose the best bribes for your prospects. What you’re looking for is like something from the Godfather – “an offer they can’t refuse.”

Free Stuff 

Pro: Everybody loves free stuff. Don’t you? Coupons for a free item or service, a free trial, or a small sample of a tangible product perform spectacularly. Getting what you were looking at anyway for free is the ultimate value.

Con: If you’re actually mailing out free samples of your tangible product, it can get expensive.

Cheat Sheets and Checklists 

Pro: Instantly gratifying, the end user gets the full value of this product right away. Plus, they cost nearly nothing to make, and can be used endlessly with no extra work if you’re using a CRM like Infusionsoft that can distribute them out automatically.

Con: Unfortunately, there is little info that can’t already be found for free on the internet without giving up your email address. For cheat sheets and checklists to really work, you have to have a trusted reputation already and/or be offering information so specific that people can’t find it anywhere else.


Pro: You’ve delivering LOTS of value, which means the simple exchange of an email address seems like a deal. Plus, as the lead goes through the mini-course (which might last a couple days or a week) they are touching on your brand over and over – which is more than they would with a cheat sheet they only look at once.

Con: Taking a course takes time – something most people are lacking. Offering a mini-course might turn some people off because they aren’t committed enough to invest the time to do the whole thing. Plus, putting the course together and doing all the backend work can be time-consuming for you.

Video Series 

Pro: You’re delivering major value, and you’re doing it in the world’s most engaging, emotionally connecting way – video. Videos are a great way to really get into your leads’ minds and stay there.

Con: Getting people to watch the darn things. It takes time and bandwidth to watch videos. Not to mention, you’ve got to be able to hear it (which you can’t do riding the subway to work or in the library – or screwing around at your desk pretending to work – without headphones). Plus, videos can be expensive and take a lot of time to make.


Pro: E-Books are a popular lead magnet because they’re simple to make and distribute, and once they’re created, you can use them infinitely.

Con: Asking a lead to read an entire book as their first interaction with your company is really a big task. E-books also aren’t incredibly original, so you better make sure the content in your e-book is FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC or you’re just going to turn off leads who feel cheated. They’re giving you their email address and a lot of their time – make sure it’s worth it.


Pro: You can pre-record your webinar and offer it on demand – making it super convenient for your leads to feel the instant gratification they crave. Plus, video is the next best thing to meeting face-to-face as far as establishing a connection with your prospects.

Con: Again, it takes time to watch a webinar, so make sure you’re delivering the value you’re promising to your leads … or they may write you off forever.

Need help creating irresistible lead magnets?

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