October 5, 2017

The 7 steps to a great social media giveaway

By Desiree Doree

Try these easy 7 steps to a great social media giveaway!

Let’s talk about social media giveaways and sweepstakes – everyone likes free stuff, right? Right! You can host a giveaway or sweepstakes on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat. They are really customizable for your brand and audience. They are also a great way to drive traffic to your website, gather new contact information and leads, as well as increase engagement on your social channels and build brand awareness.

The steps to a great social media giveaway:

1. Choose your objective – Make sure you know the purpose of your giveaway. Is it to drive traffic to a new website? Increase followers or engagement? Or maybe you are promoting a new product launch and want to get the word out. Whatever you decide, be sure you know what your goal is!

2. What are you going to give away – Next, pick your prize! Make sure its something that provides equal value to the participation that you’re requesting.

  • Some prize ideas are:
  • Free products or services
  • Local goody baskets with products from other brands you’ve partnered with
  • Customization of a free product (think monograms and names on things, because everyone likes a good monogram)
  • Steep discounts
  • Products or services that complement your brand or what you sell

Get creative with what you decide on, think about your target audience and what they will be interested in, and have fun!

3. Decide which social media channel will host your giveaway – Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, you name it! The social platform you choose will help you decide on the type of giveaway to have.

3. Choose the type of social media giveaway – There are so many types of giveaways, and even more variations.

  • Here are our favs, just to name a few:
  • Photo contest: followers send in their pictures while using a featured product or service and tagging your brand
  • Like and tag: followers must like a post and tag 1 to 3 friends. You will decide on how many must participate, but we recommend no more than 3 total
  • Like and comment: followers must like a specified post (something promoting your brand or the giveaway) and comment on the post
  • Retweet/share and tag: followers must retweet or share a specified post and tag 1 to 3 friends. Again, you choose how many should participate, but no more than 3! We don’t want to make it TOO difficult…
  • Snapchat: this platform is somewhat different from Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. On Snapchat, you can add exclusive elements and time constraints because posts only stay on your story for 24 hours. On Snapchat, you could offer limited time deals and discount codes, scavenger hunts, and more!

Other cool giveaway tips and tricks

If you already have an email audience, be sure to announce the giveaway to them as well. Not only will they enjoy getting in on the action, they may not already follow you on social media!

How to choose a winner? There are many third-party applications that you can purchase, and they will facilitate much of the process for you. If you choose not to do this, there are some other ways in which you can pick your winner by going old school and randomly drawing from your list of participants.

Giveaway follow up

Be sure that you follow up after your giveaway! If it went particularly well, download your story from Snapchat or Instagram and share it across your other social platforms. Be sure to feature your winner with their prize as well to nail down the social proof and success of your campaign with followers! When they see a winner, they will be likely to participate again.

  • Know and understand the Giveaway and Sweepstakes disclaimers for each brand (click on each platform below for the guidelines):
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat

Up your social media giveaway game!

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