January 22, 2018

David Quinones is 2018’s first employee of the month

By Ella Wilson


Marketing Automation Consultant David Quinones is a top headband model as well as our Employee of the Month.

Marketing Automation Consultant David Quinones is a critical part of our sales-team-holy-trinity and GetUWired as a whole. Always ready with a smile and a helping hand, David is absolutely deserving of our January Employee of the Month award.

David was nominated by GetUWired Co-Owner Dobbin Buck

Here’s an excerpt of Dobbin’s nomination:

“I have seen consistent growth in David as a practitioner of our core values, a member of the Leadership Training team, and a member of the Business Development department. David consistently operates as a high level of productivity and is always eager to help out and take on new forms of responsibility.

“David is self-motivated and has really excelled in his journey to mastery in the art of sales. He is a credit to the sales department and has been a true contributor to the non-competitive, non-combative team that we celebrate and enjoy. David deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated for his excellence that is in tight alignment with our core values.”

David brings so much warmth to our cabin

What Dobbin’s nomination doesn’t express is the level of personal awesomeness David brings to our office. David’s peace-love-and-connection vibe permeates everything he touches, and he brings such a cool atmosphere to the office. It’s no wonder that David is so good at his job. Just talking to him will make you feel relaxed – like a mini-mental-yoga session.

Fun Fact: David just won his first game of Fortnight!

Talk to David – it’s easy! Just call!

David would love to speak with you about your business, your goals and your dreams. Give him a call today at 877-236-9094, or request a call at our website: www.GetUWired.com.





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