July 12, 2018

Infusionsoft Master Laura Burruss is July’s Employee of the Month

By Ella Wilson

infusionsoft trainer
Infusionsoft training manager Laura Burruss is one of our “OG” tribe members that’s helped make GetUWired what it is today.

We love all our “new blood,” the tribe members that just joined the team, or have been here a year or two. But there’s just something special about “OG” tribe members – those original gangsters that remember where we came from. They’re the ones that helped us grow into the worldwide internet marketing powerhouse we are today, like our July employee of the month Laura Burruss.

Laura started with us as an intern back in 2012. She was straight out of college at University of North Georgia and eager to put her marketing degree to work. Lucky for us, she landed at GetUWired.

Today, Laura has worked her way up the ranks to become our Infusionsoft Coaching Team manager. She’s perfect for this position, as she’s famous for her overwhelming knowledge of Infusionsoft and her helpful, professional demeanor, too.

This month, Laura was nominated by someone on her team who is DEFINITELY NOT EMILY Ledbetter to be our employee of the month. Here’s what DEFINITELY NOT EMILY had to say about Laura:

“I believe Laura deserves Employee of the Month because of the way she embodies our Core Values.

“Empower: Not only does Laura empower her own clients to succeed, but she takes so much time and effort to give her coaches all the tools and knowledge they need to empower the small business owners they work with.

“Respect: Anytime Laura is considering a change in our process, she always asks her coaches how they feel about this. As she’s asking us for our opinion, she’ll even say out loud, ‘It’s important for me to honor the role and respect the position, which is why I want your thoughts.’

“Excellence: Despite everything on Laura’s plate, her organization, thoroughness, attention to detail, and overall commitment to excellence never falters.

“Challenge: When the training team is faced with challenges or changes, and we’re questioning if they are positive changes, Laura openly and honestly discusses the challenge with our team, but she spends more time discussing how we are going to define and conquer the challenge, while still serving our clients in the best way possible.

“Tribe: When I came back from vacation, I was fully expecting it to take a while before I was fully caught up. However, in addition to managing the training team and her own responsibilities, Laura managed my emails and clients with such diligence that it felt like a normal day. When I thanked her, she said it was no problem and commented that it’s never fun to come back from a vacation and be under water. This was one of many instances where I’ve experienced the great tribe member and manager Laura is.”

Need Infusionsoft Training? Laura has you covered.

Get started now by giving us a call at 877-236-9094 or visiting us online at www.GetUWired.com.



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