November 14, 2018

Employee of the Month Bobby Valentine might be a superhero

By Ella Wilson

bobby valentine
Before we took this picture we asked Bobby to “look sinister” and he said “What’s sinister?” so either he’s not a supervillian or it’s a very good cover.

Project Manager Bobby Valentine is, quite simply, superhuman. Awesome. Uplifting. Calm and considerate. And he’s amazing to work with – both for our clients and his coworkers. Which is why he’s our employee of the month.

Bobby takes on massive amounts of work and stress without a complaint. He’ll walk past a tense meeting where we’re all wracking our brains trying to find a solution to something, drop a knowledge bomb that fixes everything, then walk off like this. He’s always calm under pressure. Maybe a little TOO calm…

Is Bobby Valentine a secret superhero? Let’s discuss.

Like Iron Man, he has lots of cool gadgets and knows how to use them (Mainly a bowling ball. Bobby is also a champion bowler.)

Like Bruce Wayne, he also works in his family’s business. (Selling home décor.)

Like Clark Kent, he wears glasses. (Or DOES he?)

Like Peter Parker, he’s quiet but hilarious.

When asked “What would you say if I told you Bobby V was a superhero?” here’s how our staff responded:

Marketing Strategist Heather Grizzard said “I would totally believe you. I’m pretty sure Bobby Valentine is like Clark Kent, that he just whips his hair into a curl and throws on a cape and becomes Bob Cupid.”

Developer Alec Bush said “I wouldn’t be too surprised, his calmness is a super ability.”

Over-reactive Marketing Strategist Zach Wallace said “ I’d say that the world isn’t fair and I don’t understand why he gets to be a superhero and I don’t. I’m tired of the world doing this to me, just giving and giving and giving to everyone else but always taking from poor Zach. You know, if I could take him down then he wouldn’t be so super anymore. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh I will defeat him. I will defeat The Valentine.”

Or could he be a supervillain?

Like Lex Luthor, he’s a child prodigy who’s owned his own businesses since he was a kid.

Like Joker, he is really terrible at putting on makeup.

Like Brainiac, he’s super smart and seems to be able to predict the future!

Solve this mystery – work with Bobby and find out for yourself!

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