November 27, 2018

How to get news coverage for your small business

By Ella Wilson

how to get news coverage for your small business
Getting news coverage for your small business can be a catalyst to astronomical success.

Buy all the ads you want, sometimes the best way to spread your small business’ message is to have someone else spread it for you. Getting news coverage for your small business  – whether the small local newspaper or a big media conglomerate – can do WONDERS for your success.

For an author, getting on Oprah’s Book Club can instantly transport them into the big-big leagues. For a restaurant, getting a rave review in a local paper can mean the difference between long lines for a table and the unemployment line. The same principles work for your small business.

Getting your small business some press coverage isn’t as difficult as you might think. Just follow these tips, stick to it, and don’t give up!

Send out free stuff

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Magazines, newspapers and media outlets are used to getting samples from businesses hoping for a review and some good press.

Before sending a sample of your product to a media outlet, find out who you need to send it to and reach out. Send an email or make a call first, letting that person know that you’ll be sending them something.

You cannot under any circumstances expect a review, or pay for one. You can nicely ask, but that’s it. In your correspondence, remember, the journalist is doing you a FAVOR if they review your product or service. Keep your communication tone as such.

Do charity work

Media outlets love to run feel-good stories to balance out the barrage of bad news we usually see. And nothing feel better than people helping people.

You may be able to help people with your product, and if not, you can donate company time or money to help a good cause.

To up the possibility of getting your feel-good story into the paper, make sure there’s a story to tell. Donating money is great, but it’s boring. Getting a bunch of IT people to build houses is a story, complete with funny photos. And if you can donate your product to help solve a specific issue, it creates a touching story about people ACTUALLY making their lives better by using your products – and there’s no better advertising than that.

Oh, and don’t forget to actually send a press release to the media outlet explaining the event, before and after. You’ve got to get their attention if you want them to cover your story.

Get involved in community events

 For local coverage, there’s no easier way to get some press than participating in community festivals, charity drives, blood drives, holiday festivities, etc. The press loves to cover these, and your logo and smiling face might just end up on the front page.

Go big – The sky is the limit!

 Who says Entrepreneur won’t do a story about your growing business? Who says Oprah won’t push your product on her show? The people that get those life-changing HUGE breaks are just regular people like you. GO BIG. Reach out to those big names with confidence. All they can do is say no.

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