December 20, 2018

6 “Big Picture” Reasons to Embrace Telecommuting

By Ella Wilson

reasons to allow telecommuting
Telecommuting is good for much more than your bottom line. Though you should probably put limits on work laptop use in the water.

Here at GetUWired, we embraced telecommuting way back in our early days. Yes, we have an office and yes, most people work there every day, but forcing people to be in the office 9 hours a day every day no matter what just isn’t sensible. One reason we’ve been able to grow so successfully is that we’re able to pivot fast, not shut down operations, when someone needs to be out of the office or a snowstorm keeps us all housebound.

In addition to reducing stress levels, increasing productivity, and helping you attract and retain talented employees, telecommuting has a ton of benefits for people other than your employees (and, of course, your business).

If you needed any more reasons to let your people work from home, here they are. These are some “big picture” advantages to remote work that affect the world we live in and the experiences we share every day.

Telecommuting reduces traffic accidents

Less cars on the road means less chance of accidents. In fact, if the 50 million Americans that COULD work from home DID (at least some of the time), nearly 95,000 traffic-related injuries and deaths could be avoided.

Telecommuting saves your city money

Fewer cars on the road means less wear and tear on your city’s already-stressed infrastructure.

Telecommuting helps keep hard-to-find-jobs-for people employed

When retirees, the disabled, parents of young children, and those with health issues stay employed, not only is it good for the human condition, but it lessens the strain on social services, as well.

Telecommuting is good for the environment

Telecommuting is the easiest way to reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Telecommuting keeps people healthier

In addition to keeping your staff safe from the yearly “dropping like flies” cold and flu season that ravages offices everywhere, 82% of employees who work from home report lower stress levels. And stress is well known to bring on or exacerbate a number of dangerous health conditions. Because they have more free time (since they get to skip their commute), telecommuting employees also have more time for healthy activities like exercise.

Telecommuting reduces traffic

If traffic continues to increase at its current rate, drivers in Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver and more will experience 8-hour traffic jams like the ones Los Angeles is famous for. Sound like an apocalypse you want to avoid? Encourage telecommuting.

Yes, you can keep your company culture intact, even with telecommuting

We’ve allowed people to work from home when they need to since we started, and we’ve got a shelf of company culture awards that prove our culture hasn’t suffered for it. With a good project management system, virtual meetings, and instant chat software, our people are in touch several times every day.

In fact, being able to work from home is one of the benefits we offer that people praise the most. We believe that giving our employees the ability to work from home actually IMPROVES our company culture, because it actively shows our people that we care about their welfare.

Our consultants can help you iron out the kinks of a telecommuting plan

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