December 3, 2018

Should I let my staff work remotely?

By Ella Wilson

The benefits of telecommuting are immense – for companies and workers alike.

Wondering if you should finally jump on the bandwagon and let your staff work remotely? Nearly 43% of the American workforce does at least some of its work remotely, so unlike being the first person to buy a LaserDisc player, telecommuting is already proven and isn’t going away any time soon.

It can seem scary, paying people for something you can’t actually SEE them doing. But companies all over the world are embracing remote work and reaping the benefits – and their employees are, too.

You’ve got to figure out a new way to look at productivity

Seeing an office full of people typing away looks so productive, doesn’t it? But that doesn’t mean it is. “Butts in seats” is an outdated, inaccurate way of assessing the productivity and engagement of your staff. Half of them are probably fooling around on Facebook anyway.

Every office works differently, but rather than treating your salaried workers like hourly workers – meaning you expect them to be in the office for X number of hours a day – think of them for their actual value … the work they do.

Many freelancers work with assignment and deadlines, and there’s no reason your staff can’t as well. They start their days with a list of tasks, and at the end of the day (or week), those tasks are done. Boom – you have an actual measure of productivity.

And isn’t that why you hired your staff anyway, to do work, not be office furniture?

Remote workers are actually MORE productive   

If you’re concerned that productivity will dip when you aren’t actively watching over your staff 8 hours a day, fear not. In study after study, some of which you can see here, remote workers are more productive than in-office workers. Without office gossip, loud and disruptive co-workers, and impromptu meetings – more gets done.

Telecommuting helps you attract and retain talented employees

Working from home is a dream for most people. No more traffic that makes you lose your faith in humanity. No more never seeing your kids or spouse. Those reclaimed hours from avoiding a commute are the most valuable asset your company can give anyone – time.

As the workforce becomes more demanding of jobs that increase their quality of life, telecommuting is a simple, cost-free solution for businesses to attract and retain top talent. With remote work, you can now choose from cream-of-the-crop professionals from all over the country and even the world, not just your own limited local workforce.

Telecommuting is so desirable that 46% of companies say that allowing employees to work from home has reduced attrition. People stay where they want to be, and they want to be at home!

Remote work saves your company money – big time

Not having a physical office (and all the power, water, internet, insurance, etc. that entails) can save your business a massive amount of money in overhead. That money can be rerouted in higher salaries, which would attract even better employees, or into new business-growing ventures. But that’s not the only savings you can expect if you switch your employees to remote work.

Global Workplace Analytics reports that 36% of workers would choose the chance to work remotely over getting a pay raise, and 37% say they’d actually take a pay cut if it meant they could work from home.

Remote workers are less likely to take sick days

Blame it on lower stress – 82% of remote workers report lower stress levels – or the fact that the worst part of working while sick is actually making it into the office, but telecommuting programs reduce absences by 63%.

In case of emergency, telecommuting can save your business

Snowstorms, bird flu outbreaks, floods, a zombie apocalypse – when your employees can work from home, none of these disasters will stand in the way of your business doing business. As much as school kids love snow days, they can be a real headache for companies. Remote work keeps your production line going no matter what disaster is keeping your competitors’ doors closed.

Need some help transitioning to a remote workforce? 

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