January 28, 2019

5 Word of mouth marketing strategies to get your customers talking

By Ella Wilson

word of mouth marketing
Word of mouth marketing is all about getting your customers to spread the message of your brand.

Word of mouth marketing has been called the most valuable form of marketing because it drives results in ways no other metric can match. Word of mouth marketing is simply getting people to talk to other people about your brand. It’s not ads. It’s not emails. It’s not your voice. Word of mouth marketing is the unbiased voice of your customers spreading your message to the masses.

Why word of mouth marketing is so important

Consumers simply don’t trust ads anymore. 75% of people do not believe claims they see made in ads. However, 92% of people trust product and brand recommendations from their friends.

Word of mouth marketing is “telling your friends” on steroids. It’s about getting your customers to speak on your behalf, but to a wider audience than just their circle of friends.

So since you’re left out of the conversation, what can you do to spur it along? Plenty. Here are 5 word of mouth marketing strategies you can put your money on and win.

Encourage user generated content

Getting your customers to create content is all about providing them incentives that make it worth their time. For some brands that do it well, like Sephora (check out their user-generated gallery here), no incentive is needed other than being “part of the club.” If your brand doesn’t yet have the clout of Sephora, you can offer rewards like points, coupons, or free swag.

Ask for reviews and testimonials

Don’t forget to ask for reviews and testimonials after every purchase. For reviews left on your website, proudly showcase them on your homepage or in another highly visible location. And don’t forget to ask for reviews on social media, Google and Yelp, too. The reviews NOT on your site can be even more valuable, since they are disconnected from your site and users know you’re not in control of the content.

Add ratings to product listings

For those of us that don’t have the patience to read reviews, a simple star system can be a lifesaver when choosing products and services. Better still, they require so little explanation and are so ubiquitous in today’s online world that you can get the message across that your product is 5-stars in a split-second glance.

Offer a referral program

What better way to remind your customers to tell their friends about you than to just ASK? Referrals are the best source of new, qualified leads for any business. By asking your customers to refer their friends, and offering an incentive for them to do so, you open up a stream of potential customers that are 4X more likely to buy than the average person that stumbles across your brand.

Get in with Influencers

Influencers are the new “spokespeople.” With smaller but more intimate reaches than celebrities, influencers are seen as more trustworthy than the obviously-paid spokesperson (even though they are paid, too). Influencers mentioning or seen using your product can get people talking and checking out your brand with almost as much pull as seeing a friend using it.

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