January 30, 2019

Infusionsoft vs. Keap – Comparison

By Ella Wilson

Infusionsoft and Keap comparison
How do Infusionsoft and Keap compare? A lot of the great features from Infusionsoft you love are still available with Keap, with a few powerful differences.

Yesterday, Infusionsoft officially launched its new name and product – Keap!

Die-hard Infusionsoft fans, don’t fret. The Infusionsoft you already know and love isn’t going anywhere. It’s just changing its name. The Infusionsoft product is becoming Infusionsoft by Keap. And a new product – Keap – that’s like “Infusionsoft Light” is rolling out, too.

  • It’s confusing, I know. Here’s the breakdown:
  • Infusionsoft (the company) is now Keap.
  • Infusionsoft (the software) is now Infusionsoft by Keap.
  • Keap is the name of the company AND the name of its new, simpler-to-use CRM.

Got it? Good.

So what’s the difference between Infusionsoft and Keap?

 Where Infusionsoft is famous for its robustness and customizability, Keap will be known for its ease of use.

In webinar announcing Keap’s launch, co-founder Scott Martineau mentioned that users frequently complain about the learning curve to getting started with Infusionsoft.

“I hear people say ‘There’s a lot of learning involved and a big learning curve, but then I get this thing set up I can’t imagine not having it for my business,’” he said.

Keap is the answer for small business owners who don’t have time or energy to invest in learning a system that’s really more than they need. Keap is a simpler, easier-to-use CRM with all the features users need to grow their lists and make more sales.

Here’s how Keap and Infusionsoft stack up side-by-side

Both Keap and Infusionsoft are CRMs capable of marketing automation, e-commerce, and sales pipeline management. So the end goal for both is the same – manage contacts and create conversions. But they differ in ways that make a difference in the overall user experience – mainly in customizability.

Campaign Builder – Keap still uses the visual campaign builder that Infusionsoft uses, but it’s missing several goals.

Navigation – Where Infusionsoft’s menu is on top, Keap’s the on the side. Options in Keap are card-based, rather than nested like Infusionsoft.

Dashboard – Keap’s dashboard is card-based and non-customizable. Users who depend on their extensive dashboard for everyday tasks won’t like it, but people who don’t need a labyrinth of customization will love the new, simpler look.

Sales Pipeline – In Keap, your contacts are now either leads or prospects, which is far simpler than having to denote leads by an opportunity stage move in Infusionsoft. Keap’s drag-and-drop builder lets you drag contacts into the proper stage in their journey. Unfortunately, Keap does not allow you to trigger a campaign from a stage move.

Tags and Custom Fields – Still the same in Keap as in Infusionsoft.

Contact record – In Keap, important contact info is listed right on each contact’s card, but some is missing to keep things simple.

Broadcasts – Sending, reporting and templates are all in one place in Keap.

Reporting – Keap’s reports have a simpler design than Infusionsoft, and there are fewer report options.

Money – Keap has a simple dashboard that shows your invoices, quotes and bank connections.

Need help navigating the new Keap?

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