January 20, 2019

Laura Burruss “Uh, I mean Laura Garrett” is January’s Employee of the Month

By Ella Wilson

Laura Garrett Infusionsoft training
Beautiful bride and Infusionsoft Training Team Manager Laura Garrett is our January employee of the month.

We can’t remember her new last name, but we all know that we simply couldn’t live without Laura Garrett, our resident Infusionsoft Training Team manager. That’s why she’s our very first employee of the month for 2019.

She’s a super-boss

As manager of our Infusionsoft Training Team, Laura uses her 7+ years of Infusionsoft mastery to help our trainers empower users to make the most of their automation. And it’s her “do whatever it takes” commitment to supporting her team that makes her stand out.

Infusionsoft Trainer Emily Ledbetter said, “One of the best things about being on Laura’s team is her unfailing support. Any time a new project or training kicks off, Laura is in the trenches with her Infusionsoft coaches. She learns the process with us so that she can be a resource for us. When managers are as busy as Laura, I think it would be easy and tempting to say, ‘Figure this out on your own and best of luck.’ Thankfully, that isn’t her style and she’s always there to help us – even if she’s in the middle of a million other things, it’s during her lunch break, or after hours. #PleaseNeverLeaveMeLaura.”

An elephant – and Laura – never forgets

Laura’s memory is as famous as her knowledge of Infusionsoft. As Business Development Consultant John Crocker said in our most recent company meeting, not only does she know all the answers to all of our questions, but she can also remember the answer to a question you asked her two years ago.

“Like an elephant, Laura never forgets – Never forgets to give her very best, to ask if her team needs help, or to put the clients’ experience first. The month is irr-elephant…she’s the employee of EVERY month!” said Infusionsoft Trainer Jessica Bazzell.

Mrs. Garrett – Even though we can’t seem to remember it

Laura’s most exciting news is her newly married status. She and her husband, Austin, married in October. This is why none of us can remember her last name. We’ve known her as Laura Burruss since she started here in 2012. That’s a lot of years of programming to overcome to call her by her new name!

Get top-of-the-line Infusionsoft training with Laura and her team!

Need to know how to make your Infusionsoft do what you want it to do? Laura and her team would love to show you the ropes. Get started today by giving us a call at 877-236-9094 or visiting us online at www.GetUWired.com.

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