February 4, 2019

7 Valentine’s Day marketing ideas that will get your brand showered with love

By Ella Wilson

valentine's day marketing
Get your brand showered with love with these Valentine’s Day marketing strategies.

What better time to show your customers some love than around Valentine’s Day? It’s the holiday of love, and if you want to romance your beloved clients, we’ve got some great ideas to help you tie Valentine’s Day into your marketing efforts with a pretty pink bow.

Tailor your offers to the theme of “two”

Two-for-one offers are perfect for this particular holiday, and there are plenty of funny, punny ways to use language to make your offers stand out as a Valentine’s Day special.

It’s not all about couples

Don’t forget – not all your customers are coupled up, and couples are not the only ones who want to show their love on Valentine’s Day. Friends, mothers and daughters, sisters, and more would love a way to shower each other with affection during this special time. Plus, non-coupled up people (who, let’s be honest, usually resent Valentine’s Day), would love to see themselves included in the day in a real way!

Romanticize your imagery

You can easily use filters and overlays to take your typical branded imagery up a notch romantically. You can go with hearts and flowers – the typical Valentine’s Day décor – or come up with a theme that’s more avant guard, ironic, or humorous.

Get a non-traditional theme

There are people that love Valentine’s Day, and people that hate it. Don’t be afraid to come up with a non-love theme for your Valentine’s Day marketing. Depending on your target market, you can go really out there. Throw on some irony, a bit of cheeky humor, and you’ve got yourself a standout ad campaign. Think “Love is Dead” for a mortuary or “Shack Up” for a real estate firm. Throw the typical Valentine’s Day ideas on their head and you’re sure to grab some attention.

Anything can be a Valentine’s Day gift with the right spin

Marketing is all about perspective. Anything can be a Valentine’s Day gift if you market it correctly. Does a woman want a new vacuum for Valentine’s Day? Probably not. But she would if her special someone also included a month’s worth of vacuuming for her in the buff. Even a flu shot – think about it. A certificate for a flu shot with a card that says “We can’t make out if you’re barfing. Get a flu shot.” Of course, these take quite a sense of humor. But if you can’t laugh, what good is that relationship anyway?

Ask your social media followers to share love stories connected to your product

Did someone propose in a house you sold to them? Did they make it to the hospital just in time to have a baby because of the GPS you designed? Ask your followers to share their “love stories” related to your product on your Facebook page and other social media. Everyone loves to read stories about other people’s lives, and they will drum up some warm and fuzzy feelings about your brand.

Give your brand’s love to a good cause

To create some really good feelings around your brand, create a love story between your company and a good cause that’s close to your heart. Donating your time, energy, social clout and/or money to a charity during the “month of love” can create real buzz around your brand’s big-hearted gesture. Plus, it allows you to get your brand in front of customers over and over as you talk about your efforts and update them to your progress.

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