March 1, 2019

Marketing to Generation Z – The “Always On” Generation

By Ella Wilson

marketing to generation z
Effectively marketing to Generation Z is going to hinge on knowing what makes them tick.

Just when you thought you had marketing to millennials all figured out, here comes Generation Z. Generation Z is the youngest group of consumers to hit the market, and they will be the largest consumer generation in history by 2020. As a business owner or marketer, it’s worth your time to invest in marketing to Gen Z, because the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll build the brand loyalty that will carry your business into the future.

But first, you have to know a little more about who they ARE before you can figure out how to connect to them. Here’s what we know so far about Generation Z.

Who is Generation Z?

With birthdays between 1995 and 2012, the oldest members of Gen Z are now in their early 20s – just starting out in the adult world with jobs and disposable income. Even the youngest members are the right age for getting an allowance, which means they’re already becoming familiar with certain brands and learning how and why to spend their hard-earned cash.

Where the previous generation – Millennials – still remember dial-up, Generation Z was born holding smartphones in their tiny hands. There’s never been a time when they couldn’t get anything they wanted instantly, from entertainment to information to social connection. This has changed their entire mentality.

They can out-search you … blindfolded

Generation Z are some of the savviest customers to date – able to weed through inaccurate advertising and internet-search their way to answers better than any other generation in history.

They spend more time on their smartphones than any other device, and they’re typically connected over 10 hours a day. If there’s information out there – they can find it.

They’re entrepreneurial

Blame it on growing up during the Recession, Gen Z-ers are looking at work in a whole new way. 72% of high school students say they want to start a business one day, and 62% say they plan to be entrepreneurs as soon as they graduate from college.

They’ve learned from watching their parents and older siblings that the traditional route to success – getting a college degree and climbing the corporate ladder – isn’t a sure thing. Experts predict that many of them will eschew higher education altogether and head straight into the workforce after high school. After seeing what student loan debt and stagnant wages have done to those before them, can you blame them?

They’re global-minded

Generation Z draws its inspiration from all over the globe, because they are plugged into music, news, entertainment, gaming, and more from every corner of the globe. In a recent survey, 58% of adults worldwide agree that “kids today have more in common with their global peers than they do with adults in their own country.”

They’re progressive

Growing up in an era of rapid social change, Gen Z-ers hold gender and racial equality important. 60% of high schoolers today say they want to change the world. They expect the brands they love to be progressive and show support for those values, as well. Also, Gen Z is expected to be the last white-majority generation in America.

They don’t trust you

Gen Z-ers don’t believe your hype. Instead, they look to online reviews, recommendations from friends on social media, influencers, and ratings to decide whether or not they’re going to give you their money.

Not only can you not sway them with ads, but you not likely to even get your ads in front of them. Gen Z-ers are avid ad-blocker users. Their use of ad-blocking software increased 41% last year.

They’re the ultimate multitaskers

Gen Z-ers live in a world of continuous updates, so they’ve “evolved” to process information at a much faster rate than their predecessors. And while they’re checking those updates, they’re also Facetiming their friends, watching a YouTube tutorial, and working on homework at the same time. Though their attention spans might be shorter, the benefits of being able to juggle a variety of rapid-fire information all at once has great potential for their future workspaces.

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